If you'd like to submit different versions of a proposal to a client, you can accomplish this by creating multiple copies of the proposal, with each showing the options available to your client. Likely, the easiest way to do this is through utilizing the Clone Proposal function and making any needed edits on the copied proposals. (You can read more about cloning proposals here.) 

Once you have each version ready to present to your client, you can submit all three to their email. They can decline the proposals they don't want and accept the version they would like. Another option that some dealers prefer is submitting the proposals to themselves, which will then create a shareable URL in the Proposal History section for each version. They then copy the links and paste them into an email to their client directly so the client does not receive multiple emails. 

We have plans to add an optional items feature in the future. You can vote for that at our request page.

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