How We Mark Items Discontinued
We update product data through different methods depending on the supplier. For suppliers with which we have a direct relationship, they'll provide us a list of items to mark as inactive, but for others we rely on dealer feedback. Even if a manufacturer no longer produces a part, there still may be many distributors that have it in their inventory. In that context, we leave the parts as active as long as we have one supplier attached to the part that still has it available to order. 

However, if a dealer or supplier let's us know that a part or product line is no longer available we're more than happy to update those listings.  

Locating Discontinued Parts
Even though a part may be listed as discontinued, you can still view these in our catalog by applying the "Show Discontinued Items" search filter. You can still use these parts on proposals and POs, however, we suggest reaching out to your supplier to make sure the items are still available. 

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