There is a unique process for sending orders to Control4 from Portal. Individual reps may request either of these options, and the details for both are described below. 

Option 1)
A PO is a contract between you and Control4, and they want it to come directly from you as a PDF attachment. This is actually how we deliver them to Control4 (and only Control4). 

You can still submit via Portal if you CC yourself on the order (in addition to your rep's email) and then forward it to them directly from your email account. That should work, at least by their internal standards that their management team gave us. 

For Control4's third-party products, you'll still have to place those orders on their site.

Option 2)
You can now upload orders created on Portal directly into your cart in your Control4 dealer account. Here are the steps:

  • Log into

  • Click on Orders

  • Select an order

  • Click the Options dropdown button

  • Click "Download CSV file"     (More info on this step here)

  • Save CSV file in a location you can recall

  • Log into your Control4 dealer account (,, or

  • Click "CART"

  • Click "LOAD CART"

  • Click "BROWSE"

  • Select the file you saved in steps 5 & 6

  • Click "UPLOAD"

  • Checkout or save your uploaded cart

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