With Portal Select's rise in popularity and success, more dealers are asking for a way to quickly identify options for procurement. Enter the Best Buying Option (BBO) Logic! If you order direct from the manufacturer, we've taken careful steps to ensure that you're still sourcing that part directly. Additionally, we've added some options in the item details page display so you can view other suppliers. This will come in handy if your usual supplier is out of stock for that item or you need it to arrive quickly through Portal Select. 

You may have seen this little blurb when hovering over the info link for the Best Buying Option in the catalog:

To clarify this, the Best Buying Option (BBO) looks at 4 criteria:

First, it looks to see if the supplier is a direct supplier. This is a designation that is done manually by Portal staff. A direct supplier in this context is the manufacturer of the part, rather than a distributor.

Second, it looks at availability. Some suppliers send us stock status, while some don’t. If there is no direct supplier on the part - it'll go to stock status next.

If there is no stock status available, the third thing it will look at is price. What is the cheapest option?

Finally, it will look at Portal Select designation. If there's no direct supplier, cost matches between two non-direct suppliers and neither are listed as in-stock, and the cost is the same as Select then the Portal Select supplier is weighted more than the non-Select suppliers. 

As always, if you need to manipulate the brand or the specific sku for an alternative default than you currently see, those steps are still in place for you to uniquely manage in your catalog- (http://help.portal.io/catalog/changing-your-default-supplier).

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