When will this change happen?

We will transition during the week of May 13th. We’ll let you know the exact day as we get closer. When you log in you’ll be asked to opt-in to the new billing plan.

When will I be charged?

We will bill your card on the date you opt-in. We charge at the beginning of the billing cycle.  For example, if you opt-in on May 20th you will be charged immediately for the next month of service and then we will continue to bill your card on the 20th of each month.

What does it cost, again?

We charge $89/mth for the first user and then $49/mth for each additional user you set as ‘active’. You’ll be shown a list of your users and you’ll be able to select who you’d like to remain ‘active’ before you enroll. 

Will I be charged for all existing users on my account?

No. We use the ‘seat’ type billing model where you activate the number of seats you need for a month and users are linked to those seats. You are free to deactivate users and replace them with other users. You’ll be charged for any users you have set to ‘active’. Users that are set to ‘inactive’ will not be billed but they will remain on your account. For example, if your account currently has 10 users and you only need to pay for 8, you’ll be able to switch off the 2 users you don’t want billed.

Will you bill the card I already have on file?

We can, but we won’t do that automatically. You’ll be given the opportunity to select it, or add another card, during the enrollment process.

What if I don’t opt-in?

If you choose to not enroll in the new billing structure you’ll still have access to your account to view historical proposals and orders. You’ll be able to download PDF records of previously submitted proposals from the history section but all other functionality will be locked.

Can any user manage my subscription?

No. Only the ‘admin’ user on your account can opt-in and make changes to billing. When any other user type logs in they will be shown a message asking them to contact the account admin.

What if I just want to use Portal to buy Portal Select products?

For now you will need a subscription to Portal in order to purchase Portal Select products.

What if I'm already paying for the current proposal plan?

We are ending the current proposal subscription plan. If you are currently paying $49/user/mth for access to proposals you will be asked to subscribe to the new plan. 

One key difference between our current proposal plan and the new subscription is when we bill. On the current proposal plan, since we charged based on user activity, we had to bill at the end of the cycle/month. With the new subscription service you pay at the beginning of the cycle for the number of users you choose to activate. This means that users on the current proposal plan will see a charge for their April service on May 1st and then if you choose to subscribe to the new plan you’ll be asked to pay for your May service on the day you enroll. 

If I add a new user, will I be charged immediately?

No. You can add a new user but you’ll be asked whether you want to assign them an active seat for billing. If you do choose to activate them then we will bill you for the remainder of the billing cycle.

How do I know how many users will be charged?

Your account admin can check the current status of your subscription, including the number of activated users from your settings page. 

I use Portal for importing products into D-tools, ProjX360, iPoint. Do I have to pay?

Yes. You will need to have an active subscription in order to integrate your portal catalog with other software tools. 

My supplier is telling me to order through Portal for their product, so I still have to pay to do that?

Yes. In order to place orders with any vendor, you will need to have an active subscription.

I recently signed up, do I get a trial period?

Yes.  All new users receive a free 30 day trial from the date they signed up. When we launch the new billing plan, if you signed up within 30 days you’ll still have the balance of your trial.

Can I get a discount if I pay annually?

Not right now. This is an option we’re considering at some point, but for the transition and immediate future, the only option is to pay monthly, as you go.

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