• We will payoff rewards in two 36 month phases.
  • In Phase 1 we will make payments to users who are currently subscribed to Portal (as of Nov 1st 2019). This phase will begin April 2020 and close in May 2023.
  • In Phase 2 we will make final payments to users who are not currently subscribed to Portal. This phase will begin in April 2023 and end in May 2026.
  • Payments will begin sometime during the phase (not necessarily at the beginning of the phase). Payments will occur once per month, up to a maximum of $200 per month, per account. Once your payments begin, you will receive payments each month until your balance is paid off. For example, if we owe you $500, you will receive $200 for two months and then $100 the third month.
  • Subscribed users who will be paid in phase 1 will be sent their exact payment schedule by December 31st 2019. We will provide a schedule for non-subscribed users sometime in early 2023.


How much did I earn in rewards those two months and what’s the payout schedule?

If you have an active subscription to Portal, we will be contacting you directly with your payout schedule and amounts before December 31st 2019.

I know I have to be subscribed to be paid back in Phase 1, but does it matter which plan I’m on?  

Nope. Any plan is good!

I'm not subscribed to Portal anymore, if I re-subscribe can I get paid in Phase 1? 

Unfortunately, no. We have finalized the payout schedule for Phase 1 and have a fixed budget. However, we will prioritize payments in Phase 2 to companies who have re-subscribed. You will be moved to the top of the list.

If I cancel my subscription for some reason, can I still get my rewards in Phase 1?

No. For Phase 1, rewards will only be paid to active/subscribed users. Your payout will be moved to Phase 2

I only have $50 in rewards, is that smaller amount still going to be broken up in 36 payment increments? 

No. We are not breaking up all payments over 36 months. You will be slotted in sometime in the 36 months and we will pay you up to $200/month. So your $50 would be paid off in one single month.

Can you just apply the balance toward my subscription?

Unfortunately, no. To keep things separate and clean, and to make good on our promise, we will be sending funds directly to your rewards card.

My reward card expired and I haven’t received another. What happens now?

If you don’t have a valid card, we will automatically issue you a new one when your first payment is sent out. If there are still funds on your card and you'd like your replacement sooner, please reach out to our team to request the replacement.

I don’t have a current card because my balance is $0. What do I need to do?

If you don’t have a valid card you will get a new one when your first payment is sent out.

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