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Web App Software Updates (2020)
Web App Software Updates (2020)

Release notes from 2020 web app software updates

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December 9, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.12.03.2


  • 10498 - Updated our site framework to the newest version.

  • 10476 & 10477 - We set up a way to highlight new elements in the UI. This will either be a ‘New’ icon or a blue beacon next to a menu item.


  • 10508 - We fixed an issue with the Favorites filter that made it appear as if there were Favorites in a category that had no Favorites.

  • 10533 - We reduced the size of the Favorites star in the catalog.

  • 10501 & 10532 - We made changes to the Featured Items. There will no longer be a designated Featured row, featured items will show up in All Results and have a ‘Featured’ label.

  • 10502 - We added a new ‘Assign Category’ functionality to the catalog. We will allow qualified dealer accounts to assign product categories if a product in the search results is not categorized.

  • 10456 - We moved the partner messaging from the top of the catalog to the right side, and moved the products to the top row.


  • 10584 - We enabled the new ‘Add Part’ from Proposal feature for all users.

  • 10509 - Proposal menu has been streamlined. We grouped menu items and created sub-menus.

  • 10523 - We fixed an issue with the new ‘Add Part’ feature where the supplier would not carry over to the proposal, making it appear that profit was not being calculated properly.

  • 10499 - Added an Invoice download PDF that can be downloaded from Accepted proposals.

  • 10493 - We adjusted the “Copy item to proposal” pop-up so that when you search for a proposal, it is searching all of your proposals (it was searching a shorter “recent proposal” list previously)

  • 10526 - We adjusted the Proposal Submit so that if an email address has the ‘mailto:’ tag on it (usually from copying and pasting), it will strip that out and still send the email.

  • 10500 - We added the Proposal Name back to the Proposal header when you scroll down the page.


  • 10505 - Completed a few small updates to QB Desktop connector.

November 26, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.11.18.8


  • 10363 - New feature now auto-calculates Sales Tax Rates based on a) Customer Address or b) Company Address. Existing user accounts default to the previous functionality, which is to use the pre-set fixed tax rate by default. This setting can be changed to utilize the new auto-calculation feature in the Proposal section of the Settings page in Portal:

  • 10453 - The default name for Installer Version of the proposals has been updated to include “Installer PDF” in the file name again

  • 10413 - Updated proposal tax calculation logic for when a proposal contained a parts discount and had a room without parts in it (rare).

  • 10474 - Tax exempt status on a product now only applies to that product on the specific line item for that specific proposal. It does not make that product tax exempt in the catalog/database. We removed the tax exempt flag from customer & labor library to avoid confusion.

Quickbooks Desktop

  • 10379 - We fixed several issues causing unique errors on imports. Orders & Proposals will both push properly now and push all line items from within both.

November 9, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.11.04.3


  • 10422 - Added a new "My Favorites" filter in the catalog. This will filter catalog results by items that are marked as Favorites on your account.

  • 10418 - We now store Product Categories in cache to increase page load speeds.


  • 10429 - We pre-released our new ‘Add Part’ from Proposal feature for specific dealer accounts. If you are interested in testing this new feature and providing feedback, please reach out to our team.


  • 10454 - Resolved an issue from the previous release that would hinder dealers from adding a client or tax rate to a proposal, but only if the default tax setting was recently changed from a proposal.

  • 10364 - Resolved several issues regarding items rearranging incorrectly on proposals, and rearranging items in an Option would take you back to Option 1 automatically.

  • 10428 - Clicking ‘Create New Proposal’ from the proposal list will now keep you in the same tab you are on rather than opening a new tab in your browser.

November 3, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.10.28.3


  • 10391 - The quick link to go to the Proposal or Order that you just added a product to now opens the Order or Proposal in the same Tab, no longer taking you to a new Tab.

  • 10355 - We added the skeleton page loader to the product detail page.

  • 10339 - We added the skeleton loader to the recent activity sections.

  • 10228 - We updated our wistia link so that when users click the training videos link, you’ll no longer get a potentially unsafe site warning from Google Chrome.


  • 10336 - Products without category information can be categorized from the proposal. This will help with catalog searches, and will lay the foundation for Portal to provide smart item suggestions in the future.

  • 10334 - We added improvements to the Add to Proposal workflow for Optional Items.

  • 10372 - Combined the Add Part and Custom Item into a single Smart Button:

  • 10323 - We fixed an issue where some proposals were not properly submitting.

  • 10394 - We added a ‘resend’ button on the proposal when the email fails.

  • 10362 - We added a new section to each area called ‘Installer description’ this description will not be visible on the client proposal view or the client PDF and will only display on the installer PDF and the dealer view.

  • 10354 - We added the skeleton page loader to the proposal list view.

  • 10269 - We added some validation logic to email addresses, to warn users if they are adding an email that has bounced recently.


  • 10361 - We added the proposal number to the payment request email if the request is sent from a proposal. We also add the payment description to the email, previously the description wasn’t visible to the client anywhere.

  • 10386 - We added a new section to the payment enrollment transaction page where we ask dealers about their ACH activity to help determine velocities needed for approval with their application.

  • 10377 - We added the skeleton loader to the payment list page.

  • 10338 - We fixed an issue where clients could not reply directly to a payment request email. The reply will now go to the dealer who sent the payment request.

Quickbooks Desktop

  • 10347 - We adjusted logic on the pushing parts with the “:” character so that QB would not think that it was trying to create a child item.

October 13, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.10.07.02


  • 10156 - New Catalog Filter design is complete. You now have the ability to select multiple brands & suppliers with this new filter and the brands/suppliers are now listed in alphabetical order.

  • 10302 - The “Add Part to Supplier” window in the Product Detail page will now list the suppliers in alphabetical order.

  • 10151 - Our catalog will now utilize “Skeleton Loading” rather than a spinner graphic while things load.


  • 10313 - We moved the tax settings down to the proposal section on the user settings page.

  • 10291 - Company Phone number is no longer a required field to save changes in the Company section at the top of the user settings page.


  • 10309 - Design and formatting improvements to the Warehouse Picklist

  • 10308 - We updated the text in the custom item & labor library to be more clear

  • 10294 - Fixed an issue where some proposals would not submit properly

  • 10160 - We updated the design for flipping between Options in Areas on Proposals.


  • 10307 - We improved the display of error messages to provide more information when a card is declined.

Quickbooks Desktop (v3.5.0.2)

  • 10286 - We adjusted QBD proposal syncing to only search accepted/completed proposals.

  • 10310 - In the PO sync we will now bring the short description in rather than the long description.

September 29, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.09.23.11


  • 10215 - If a dealer changes their email in the user settings page they will be sent an email to re-verify their email address.

  • 10260 - We fixed an issue with the new filters on Proposals, Orders, Payments, and People where unselecting all filters did not work properly.

  • 10254 - We fixed an issue where when you refresh your browser it would cycle between your most recent Proposal and the Proposal List view.

  • 10211 - In the Proposal section of the Settings page we removed the Save button. Any adjustments will be automatically saved. The profit threshold will prompt with a save button if the value is changed.


  • 10255 - We added the client notes from catalog parts, labor, & custom items to the installer PDF.

  • 10263 - We updated the UI for our recent adjustment for email failed notifications. Now it is more clear when there is an email issue with the proposal. You can review and fix the issue in the Proposal History section.

  • 10258 - When prompted about low profit while submitting a Proposal, the system will warn you that the profit is lower than the Setting, and will link to the Proposal section of the Settings page for adjustment.

  • 10253 - The Opened Proposal & Changes Required email notifications from a proposal were both being sent to the User who last modified the proposal. It will now be sent to the User who submitted the proposal.

  • 10241 - When editing items in the labor or custom item library for an Option in an Area, the system will no longer automatically take you back to Option 1.

  • 10240 - Some clients close their browser window after they sign and accept a proposal, without clicking “Done” to complete the acceptance workflow. In this scenario, the Accepted proposal notification email was not being submitted to the dealer. We will now automatically send the Accepted Proposal email after 15 minutes if the client does not click Done. If the client adds a note and clicks Done after 15 minutes, a second acceptance email will be sent that includes the note.

  • 10209 - On Accepted or Completed Proposals, dealers will have a new menu item on their Proposal to download a Warehouse Pick List.

  • 10123 - We added a new filter on the proposal list called ‘Last Modified by Me”. This is the new default view of the Proposals List. It will list in descending order the proposal the User has specifically modified.


  • 10271 & 10259 - We fixed some issues with the ACH batches in the payout screen. They weren’t clearing to the ‘funded’ section correctly.

  • 10208 - We removed the sliders from the transaction page during the enrollment process, and will now ask the dealer specific questions about their processing volume.

  • 10191 - We adjusted the Secure Proposal Page (Client Payment Page) to make Convenience Fee information more clear. The screen will no longer point out that ACH has no fee, and the convenience fee for the credit card will be listed as a flat fee amount rather than a percentage. You can read more about Convenience Fees here.


  • 10242 - Fields in the order confirmation screen will be updated in real-time, without requiring a page refresh.

  • 10243 - The account number and latest supplier note were not populating to the Order csv file. This is fixed.

  • 10262 - We added clarification when there is a bounced email on an Order. In the order history, the user will be prompted to review the email and bounce reason, and to resubmit.

Quickbooks Online

  • 10268 - We fixed an issue where non-ASCII characters that were in labor item names were producing errors when trying to sync to QuickBooks Online. Non-ASCII characters will now be stripped out prior to pushing into QB.

September 14, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.09.09.3


  • 10143 - We fixed an issue on the settings page where the setting to have an email sent every time a client opens a proposal wasn’t saving.


  • 10172 - We added new field in Settings for minimum Profit threshold. The default is set to 40% for all accounts. This value will be used to check the minimum profit threshold for generating a warning when sending a proposal.

  • 10166 - We removed “Congrats” from the Accepted email proposal subject line. It now just says: Proposal Accepted :tada: - #254 Proposal Name (Client Name)

  • 10154 - If an email address (client, dealer, order, etc) experiences a hard bounce, it is automatically deactivated in our email sending tool and placed on a suppression list. Dealers are notified in their proposal & order when this happens, and will now have the opportunity to unsuppress the email & resend if it is a legitimate email address.

  • 10106- We made some small design updates to the submit proposal workflow. Instead of having a checkbox at the bottom of your screen for low profit or tax warnings, you will see a more clear pop-up warning for these (if applicable).

  • 10162 - It was unclear that a proposal was successfully submitted, so we added a confirmation screen after a proposal is submitted successfully.

  • 10171 - Dealers can now edit their payment schedule & project terms even when the proposal is in accepted status.

  • 10161 - The active area on the Proposal left nav menu is now black, rather than orange.

  • 10213 - Photos with UPPERCASE extensions (JPG vs. jpg) were causing errors when adding to Proposal description sections. This has been resolved.

  • 10232 - We adjusted the labor library, as well as the proposal line item, so that if a cost of zero is entered it will display a $0. If there is not a cost for the item, then the field will remain empty.

  • 10236 - Zero cost items (Catalog, Labor, & Custom) will be included in profit calculations. Only items with no cost will be excluded from profit calcs. We also changed the text on the Refresh Cost link in the Financial Summary section to clarify that refreshing costs on a proposal pulls in new costs on Catalog items only. Clicking this will not pull new cost values from the labor or custom item library into the proposal.


  • 10197 - We fixed an issue you would receive an error when you sent a payment request from the payment transaction page, indicating the request did not send. You would also receive an error when you opened that request.

  • 10196 - When including a CC on a payment request it will send the payment request to that CC’d person now.

  • 10175 - We made adjustments to the payment transaction list view so that when a payment request is paid the type of payment used will display along with the estimated funding timing related to the payment type.

  • 10179 - We fixed an issue where the ACH email confirmation was incorrectly showing the credit card processing convenience fee.

  • 10176 - We updated the Payout list so that it’s labeled “Pending batches” rather than “Today’s batches” We added the estimated payout timing for ACH(3-5 business days) so it’ll be more clear that it’s not depositing the next day, like credit cards.


  • 10136 - We fixed an issue where on a draft order when you enter a supplier note the site does not refresh.

August 31, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.08.26.2


  • 10103 - We now “remember” your filter settings for Proposals, Orders, People, & Payments list views


  • 10134 - We fixed an issue where you were unable to add a new supplier to a product in the catalog if the part had no suppliers attached to it yet.


  • 10130, 10129, 10128 - We updated the style of our notification emails.

  • 10145 - We added a labor cost pop-up on the proposal for more easily editing Labor entries. We modified the text that said ‘add note’ to ‘add note/cost’ so it would be more clear where a dealer could edit their cost for custom items & labor on a proposal.

  • 10138 - We changed the text on the proposal submittal page next to the email address from “Delivered to:” to “Deliver to:”, since on that page it has not yet been sent/submitted.

  • 10126 - In a proposal, when you create a new area, we auto-populate area names in a list as you type. Previously, we would auto-select the top result, which made it easy to accidentally select the suggestion as your area name. The top result in the list will no longer auto-select.

  • 10122 - We optimized proposal submissions so Proposals submit faster now.

  • 10119 - You can copy parts from one area to another area in another proposal that is in Draft, Submitted, & Opened by Client status. Previously you could only copy to draft proposals. This now matches the “Add to Proposal” workflow from the catalog.

  • 10118 - The proposal acceptance email that is sent to a client will now come from the user who submitted the proposal to the client. Previously it was coming from the user who modified the proposal most recently.

  • 9250 - We adjusted the profit calculation so that when a proposal has only parts that do not have a supplier cost, instead of saying there is 0% profit, it will simply say that profit calculation is unavailable until supplier cost is entered.

  • 9326 - We further optimized our auto-refresh function on proposals so that dealers will see the ‘Please refresh” warning less often. This is an ongoing optimization that we are monitoring.


  • 10140 - We fixed an issue where a transaction fee was incorrectly showing up on ACH receipt emails for both the dealer & the client.

  • 10125 - Activity in the payment history section will now have date stamps that match the logged in users timezone set in their profile settings.

  • 10104 - Dealers will now receive emails when their enrollment is approved for credit card & ACH automatically

  • 10079 - We added a payment summary at the bottom of a Proposal so that dealers can see a grouping of their Paid, Due Now, & Due Later payment requests. It will also let them know how much more they need to request based on what’s been requested & the grand total on the proposal in the financial summary.

  • 10137 - When sending a payment request from a proposal, the confirmation screen showed that the payment request was for $0. We fixed this so it’ll show the accurate amount that you requested.


  • 10136 - We fixed an issue where when you added a note for your supplier on an order the page did not automatically refresh.

  • 10127 - We fixed an issue where order history wasn’t updating without a manual refresh of the page.

August 23, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.08.18.3


  • 10075 - Our team can now import contact records for dealer accounts.


  • 10036 - We made some small improvements to proposal part editing for catalog, labor, & custom items

  • 10089 - We fixed an issue where copying items from a proposal to another area or proposal would get stuck in a wait screen, but after refresh would show they had been added.


  • 10117 - Order Status will update without requiring a refresh

  • 10078 - Last modified filter is now working properly for the order list view


  • 10079 -Began work for grouping of payments on proposals

Quickbooks (Desktop)

  • 10083 - We fixed an issue where an error would happen occasionally with variable discounts when being pushed to QB Desktop. This requires a new connector download.

August 17, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.08.13.2


  • 10096 - We built a Google Image import service, which loads images from Google into our catalog for products that do not have images from vendors. We prioritize products that are being used on Proposals.

  • 10080 - We updated the Notification email subject lines to include the Notification type in the first few words. Some dealers were looking at emails on their mobile devices and could not decipher an “Accepted” notification vs. “Opened” without opening the email. Now you will know at first glance what kind of notification it is.

  • 10065 - Portal now remembers where you were as you flip between the catalog and your active proposal.

  • 10045 - We updated the search functionality across Proposals, People, Payments, and Orders to work better with status filters.

  • 10074 - We optimized our catalog search process to improve the speed of loading results.


  • 10086 - We fixed an issue that was allowing some submitted POs to show up in the Add to Order modal.

  • 9878 & 10041 - Manually entering or changing the supplier on an item from the product details page or the proposal pop-up page now shows the new profit % in real time.


  • 10070 - The proposal acceptance pop-up window has been revised with the following text: “Please sign here to accept the project design, terms, and payment schedule.”

  • 10067 - When submitting a proposal, the submission pop-up will now have a blue stroke around the ‘To’ and ‘CC’ areas when in edit mode. We also set the CC field to delete any contents when the ‘X’ is clicked in that field.

  • 9967 - Dealers will now have the ability to add a cost to a part directly from a proposal, when that part had no cost loaded. If the dealer is unlocked for the supplier attached to the part on the proposal, they will have a link to add their cost which will launch a pop-up window, and dealers will be able to enter their cost there. The cost will save as a custom cost in their catalog and also be used for the profit calculation on the proposal.

  • 9963 - The proposal list view will now update in real time to reflect updates to proposal totals.

  • 10059 - We optimized the accept proposal workflow on the client view so that it will be much faster.


  • 10101 - We fixed an issue that was causing the “last updated” date in the People list view to display 12/31/0001 on each entry.


  • 10108 - The credit card fee was being calculated in the ACH email receipt, rather than the flat fee for ACH processing. We’ve updated the emails to correct this.

  • 10097 - We updated the ACH template to update the location of banking information.

  • 10069 - When you create a payment request from within a proposal, the “link to proposal” field will not be modifiable.

  • 10068 - We created a link between the People record used on a proposal and any payment requests for that proposal. Additionally you are currently allowed to add a client to a proposal without an email address but an email address is required in order to send a payment request. So when an email is entered on the payment request and one does not exist on the person record or proposal, both will get updated with that email.

August 10, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.08.06.3


  • 10046 - Filters got a makeover on People, Proposals, and Orders! They now display in a colorful drop-down menu and multiple can be selected at one time.


  • 10044 - Updated the color formatting on the “Add to Proposal” and “Add to Order” buttons on items in the catalog.

  • 10033 - Removed the ability to set unauthorized suppliers as Default Supplier on a product.

  • 10029 - Manually-set default suppliers are once again displaying on the item details page.

  • 10016 - Removed the ability to delete options on a proposal from the “Add to Proposal” pop-up window.

  • 10011 - The system was allowing partial quantities (e.g. 1.5) to be added from the “Add to Proposal” modal window, though they did not properly display on the proposal. We currently only support whole numbers on catalog part quantities.

  • 9966 - The “Add to Order” pop-up window has been updated to have a blue-outlined cost box when no cost is yet listed, with the cost being required in order to add an item to an order. It will also say “Add your cost” below this box, and a tooltip has been added with an explanation of why it is needed.


  • 10031 - We fixed an issue that was causing an error on a few proposals

  • 10035 - When attempting to delete an area on a proposal directly or through the Add to Proposal window, a warning message will populate with this text: “Are you sure you want to DELETE the "Hallway" area? You will lose all items and options. This cannot be undone”.

  • 9886 - Copying an area to a proposal will display the items in the same order as the original.

  • 9889 - When a proposal has been submitted to a client, then moved to Draft or Declined status, the Client view webpage will now list contact information for the dealer.


  • 10081 - The word ‘due’ has been added to the payment request email the client sees next to the due date.

  • 10076 - Payment requests without notes were displaying an empty grey bar where the notes would normally be. This has been fixed.


  • 10049 - The catalog search functionality is now back up and running on the app

Quickbooks Desktop

  • 10030 - We fixed an issue that was preventing dealers from syncing only one vendor PO from a multi-vendor order. Please update your PortalQBC to version v3.5.0.1.

July 28, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.07.22.5


  • 9976 - We upgraded front end UI tech to Angular 10. No major changes, we like to keep up with the latest versions of our tech stack.

  • 9631 & 9623 - Additional work on site optimization. Moved the rest of our general services over to our new data services.


  • 9965 - A product will no longer say “Unlock Your Dealer Pricing” if you have a supplier for that product, but no dealer cost. Instead, the button will say “Add to Order” and you can add your cost as you add the item to an order.

  • 9995 - We fixed an issue that was showing best buying option on items as an approved supplier who had no costs loaded for that item. Instead, best buying option will only show items from authorized suppliers who have a price loaded for that item.


  • 9973 - The “Email & Submit” button on opened proposals has been replaced with the “Resend Proposal” button to match proposals in submitted status.

  • 9968 - The “Add to Proposal” window design got an update for area & options. It is more intuitive when creating a new Option in an area while adding items to Proposals from the catalog.

  • 9964 - We adjusted the send proposal template with minor improvements.

  • 9881 - We updated how tax is calculated when a discount is applied to a proposal containing a tax-exempt line item.

  • 9882 - We added a tool tip next to the parts discount to clarify how the discount applies to taxable and non taxable items (related to 9881).

  • 9252 - If an item is lacking a sell price in the Add to Proposal modal, the sell price box will be blue with a note to add sell price.

  • 9993 - Dealer logos in proposal submission emails were a bit blurry to view. This has been resolved, and they are clear and crisp again.


  • 9972 - We added history logging for refunds in the payment history section.

  • 9969, 9970, & 9974 9971- We made some adjustments to enrollment based on feedback from beta dealers.

  • 9996 - We fixed an issue that displayed code snippets instead of text for the application summary during enrollment.

  • 9987 - We updated functionality so that we can get ACH funding information for the payout screen.

Quickbooks Online

  • 9609 - We resolved the issue that was generating an error message when attempting to sync a proposal into QB on proposals that contained a variable discount.

July 10, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.07.08.3


  • 9873a - We improved the design on the Client version of proposals. Clients will now only have the options to Request Changes or Accept a proposal. You can still manually change a proposal to Declined status. We also updated the Acceptance workflow. If Payments (currently in Beta) are enabled on your account, and you’ve attached a Payment Request to a proposal, then the Proposal will automatically present the Request for Payment to the client immediately after they sign the Proposal. Sweet!

  • 9873b - We also added the financial summary back to the Customer view when there are Options available so that clients can see the total of default selected Options. As they choose Options, they can see the Proposal Total adjust in real time (instead of waiting until all Options are chosen before they see the Financial Summary).

  • 9880 - We cleaned up the financial summary on the PDF so that the tax & discount line items will have a proper display of the values.

  • 9876 - The Proposal drop-down menu now lists “Email & Submit” to match the wording on the submission button.

  • 9376 - We improved the design for when you change an Item’s Description in a Proposal. You will now be able to customize the Item’s Catalog Description (instead of writing a new custom description from scratch).


  • 9944 - Changing Address type to Business no longer results in an error.

  • 9943 - We fixed an issue that prevented you from setting an unopened submitted PO to draft status.

  • 9879 - We fixed a display issue on the order confirmation PDF that would indicate the order needed to be shipped even if the order was set to ‘pick-up’


  • 9963 - We pushed out a new version of the Quickbooks Connector that addressed an issue syncing POs.


  • 9954 - The refund confirmation screen was adjusted to only display when the refund was successful, and the text was edited to clarify that the refund was issued.

  • 9929 - The payment request button at the bottom of a proposal will only display if a dealer has been approved for payment processing & has payments enabled in their account.

  • 9923 - When a payment request is saved to a proposal rather than sent, the pop-up window will close without displaying a confirmation screen.

  • We made several changes to Payments enrollment based on Beta User feedback, and will continue to make several adjustments in the next few weeks. Our goal is to open enrollment to all Portal users in August.

Coming Soon

  • We are working on Tabbed Browsing. With Tabbed Browsing, if you leave a proposal and go into the Product Catalog, when you go back to the Proposal section in Portal, it will take you back to the proposal you were working on, rather than always taking you to the Proposal List.

  • We are also working on allowing Dealers to add catalog parts more easily directly from the Proposal.

July 6, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.07.01.02


  • 9884 - The option in account settings for Default Sell Price is now displaying the current selection (MSRP, last sell price, or markup from cost)

  • 9870, 9628, 9627, 9626, 9621, & 9620 - Code optimizations. These optimizations are designed to improve quality and efficiency after we do large portions of work. This feels seamless on the user side but will improve the overall site performance.


  • 9877 - Removed small text symbol that was displayed within the client Proposal email

  • 9830 - When pricing has been manually entered onto an authorized item that is already on a proposal, clicking the refresh profit link will now refresh both the profit in the financial breakdown as well as the profit on that line item.

  • 9859 - The dealer’s phone number and website will now display on separate lines on the Proposal.

Payments - Payment Requests

  • 9916 - The payment request history now displays all email addresses to which a proposal has been sent.

  • 9697 - Complete redesign of the payment request screen. Dealers can now save the payment request to a proposal rather than sending immediately. Dealers can also now send the request to multiple people with a CC.

  • 9890 - Updated the wording for payment requests in the payment activity log to say “payment request made” instead of “payment made” to avoid confusion

  • 9869 - Created a landing page for our site.

  • 9819 - We have added in a simple refund feature to payments.


  • 9918 - Dealers will no longer experience the ‘Unauthorized-401’ error when syncing proposals to QBO.

June 30, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.06.24.2


  • 9585 - Some browsers cache older versions of Portal. We set up a back-up method to make sure we auto-refresh dealers into the newest version of Portal.


  • 9871 - When a dealer CCs multiple clients when submitting a proposal, all CCs will now be put in the 'Reply To' field. If the client replies to the Proposal email, the dealer and all CCs will get copied on the Reply.

  • 9861 - Negative Labor values on proposals affected how taxes were calculated. We updated this so that negative Labor amounts do not affect the tax calculation.

  • 9856 - We updated our Proposal Viewer & Order Page projects to the latest version of Angular to match the rest of the site.

  • 9895 - We have a fresh new look on our 'Proposal Opened' email template

Payments (Still in Beta)

  • Beta test dealers have been successfully enrolling, and we processed our first credit card transaction from a customer this week.

  • Next round of Beta test enrolling will begin next week. If you are interested in enrolling for Payments during our Beta period, please let our team know.

June 22, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.06.19.1

Payments - NOW IN BETA 🎉 🎉

We are excited to announce that we’ve started our Beta test for Portal Payments! This week, dealers who completed our Beta application will start testing the Payments Enrollment process. If you’re interested in participating the Beta program, please reach out to our team. We expect a full release of Payments sometime in July. In the mean time, here's an introduction to Payments:

Portal Select - RIP

Out with the old, in with the new. Last week we removed the Portal Select badge on items in the catalog. For more information, we have a separate help article that you can read here.


  • 9839 - We updated the email design your client sees when they receive your proposal. Here is a sample of the new design:


  • 9812 - We adjusted search algorithms as some searches and filters excluded results based on "&" symbol in the search terms.

May 29, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.05.21.25


  • 9729 - Dealers have reported they sometimes forget to click "save" when typing a long project or area description, causing them to lose work when they navigate away from the page. We've added a safety-net to help prevent this. Our WYSIWYG editor will automatically save your work in the background every 60 seconds. We will start with 60 seconds and reduce the save-interval after we are confident it does not slow anything down. The “Save” button has been replaced with "Done" and when it is clicked it will make one final save. “Cancel” has been removed but you can use the editor’s "Undo" function to go back. In addition, if you attempt to leave the proposal page without clicking "Done", a message will prompt you to to click “Done”, so you don't lose any work.

  • 9715 - When a proposal has been submitted to multiple emails, the “Proposal Opened” notification email will now include the email address of the recipient that opened it.

  • 9688 - When a logo has been uploaded for the Dealer’s company, the company name will now appear on the PDF, which matches the Web Version.

  • 9676 - Resolved some issues related to nesting and the order of items in an Area that were related to merging duplicate items in the catalog.


  • 9773 - Fixed a “refresh token” issue that would result in pushing a user out to the marketing page. It seemed like a forced log-out, but the user was not actually being logged out.


  • 9740 - Removed the ability to uncheck the small, round checkbox when selecting an order on the add to order modal. It was not being used.

  • 9739 - Fixed an issue that was preventing the order CSV file from downloading.

May 18, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.05.14.4


  • 9686 - Removed the small round checkbox when selecting a proposal on the "Add to Proposal" pop-up window, since it didn't serve a useful function.

  • 9661 - When an Option has been selected on a proposal in Draft status, if an item is being added to that area, the "Add to Proposal" pop-up window will default to indicate the selected Option.


  • 9685 - We made sure timestamps in proposal list, order list, people list, and catalog (last verified date) match the timezone selected in the user settings profile. If no timezone is chosen, it will default to CST.

  • Site Slowness - You may have noticed some slowness in the past week or even the need to log out. We have made several infrastructure and query optimization improvements and the site is back to normal. As our product data import service grew we also moved its processing to off-peak hours to reduce load on our database. Additional optimizations are planned for the next few weeks, and we are continuing to monitor the speed of the platform daily.

  • Forced Log Outs - We recently implemented a new secure access token functionality. This service will force log-outs periodically (approximately once every 60 days or so). We have identified instances where users are being logged out before the token expires and we're currently working on improving this to prevent unnecessary disruption.

May 12, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.05.06.2


  • 9651 - Fixed an issue that caused a delay in loading client information on proposals

  • 9660 - When an Option has been chosen by a customer and the proposal is set back to Draft status, the Option now stays selected.

  • 9677 & 9682 - The footer of the Client and Installer PDF's on area pages has been updated to match the format used for other sections of the proposal.


  • 9678 - When a new part is created in QB Online by syncing, the dealer cost and sell price will be included in the part info in QuickBooks.


  • Site Optimizations - Recently we've seen our API server usage spiking, leading to site slowness at short periods through the day. We've refocused our dev team on addressing these issues and optimizing our services. This is our top focus for this next week.

April 28, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.04.23.2


  • 9596 - We fixed an issue that prevented updating the company logo on the user settings page.

  • 9597 - The site was not loading properly on older browsers due to an error in the javascript.

Payments *COMING SOON*

  • Continued work on Payments module, to be Beta launched in May. If you are interested in Beta testing Payments, please reach out to our team. 


  • 9617 - Changing a proposal from accepted to completed will no longer result in “ghost” proposals, which would show up during proposal searches. The source of this issue was also causing item images to not load when you first open a proposal. Both are fixed. 

  • 9555 - We fixed an issue where nested items were not “sticking” to where they had been placed.


  • 9655 - The sales tax exempt link on POs is working properly again

iOS app

  • 9618 - Proposal search and list view was not working properly. This is fixed. 

Quickbooks Online

  • 9610 - The “name supplied already exists” error resulting from labor items with an extra space at the end has been eliminated. 

  • 9588 - Items deleted in a dealer’s Quickbooks account will also be deleted from the Item Mappings during a push so that a new mapping can be created. 

April 15, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.04.08.7


  • 9563 - New integration with! This replaces receptive. It is a better, cleaner designed tool for our users to log feature requests and see our progress updates. 

  • 9565 - When a dealer signs up for a trial, or is subscribed to any plan other than Lite/Lite Annual, they will now have access to the new QB Online integration automatically. 

  • 9542 - On the settings page we moved the payment methods to a different section. We also set up a way for dealers to set their default credit card.


  • 9590 - We added the13 point font size in the WYSIWYG editor which the default size. Previously, once you change the text size in a description area, you could not get back to the default, as it wasn’t an option in the list.


  • 9559 - We fixed an issue with the Quickbooks Desktop connector (now, that was preventing logging in. Please update to the newest version in order to log in. 

  • 9558 - We fixed an issue that was populating a “Query Parse Error” when attempting to sync.

iOS App

  • Fixed a Proposal Search issue

March 30, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.03.26.4


  • 9462 - We fixed an issue that was occasionally preventing search results from populating in the catalog when searching just a brand name.


  • 9437 - Updated to Angular v9. Angular is our front end (User Interface) framework, and was chosen due to its lightweight nature in the browser. We make our best efforts to keep our platform up to date with the latest technology and platform versions. 


  • 9516 - Fixed some PDF formatting where some client/installer PDFs cut off the Company and Prepared By information. 

  • 9508 - The amount of time allotted to download a PDF has been extended from our PDF service in order to prevent timeout errors with larger proposals. 

  • 9433 - Moving an accepted proposal back to draft will now clear any previously selected options immediately.

  • 9431 - Deleting a parent item within a nested group will no longer hide the child items until after a refresh. 

Payments *COMING SOON*

  • We continued work on our payments implementation. We worked on enrollment as well as payment requests. 

Quickbooks Integration

  • 9525 - We added “Cost of Goods Sold” to the expense account list in settings.

  • 9520 - Instances of a colon ( : ) in an Item name will be removed from item short descriptions and names when pushing to QBO (QBO rejects colons).

  • 9517 - We fixed an issue where an error would sometimes display saying that an item couldn’t be created because the name was already in use.

  • 9539 - We fixed an issue that was generating errors due to hidden characters within product names.

  • 9519 - We fixed an error regarding customers being flagged as tax exempt incorrectly when pushing.

  • 9538 - We fixed an issue where occasionally custom items have only spaces in the model names and quickbooks was unable to create a new item. We will use the description if a model is missing or only has spaces. 

March 17th, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.03.11.6

Quickbooks Online Integration - 🎉 OFFICIALLY RELEASED 🎉 

  • 9497 - We made final backend updates to the QBO connection in settings

  • 9490 - When a dealer indicates that a catalog item does not match the suggested item in QB, the integration will no longer still map it to the existing, suggested item.

  • 9485 - Upon connection of a QBO account to Portal, the settings page will populate to allow dealers to review default Chart of Account settings for new items that are created in QB.

  • 9481 - If a new item is being pushed to QB that is in multiple areas on a proposal, it will no longer cause an error. 

  • 9480 - If a proposal uses an old Misc. Item (rather than our current Custom Item), the description will be used as the item name when mapping to QB.

  • 9477 - If an item is created in QB when syncing and it matches the same name as another item, “ _1 “ will be added to the name. This generally only happens when a separate item type (not a product) has a name that matches the item being created.

  • 9474 - Adjustments to the tooltip that appears when you hover over a QB error message.

  • 9473 & 9472 - Adjustments to the QB part and client matching pop-up windows. 

  • 9470 - When a customer is created in QB from a proposal, the “same as billing” address box will be checked in order to provide a shipping address for determining tax in QB. 


  • 9495 - PDFs can now be loaded as cover images

  • 9478 - Opened proposals will now display the 👀 emoji so you can see at quick glance that they’ve been viewed

  • 9457 - Dealers will be able to download the client PDF without receiving a “value cannot be null” error message, which was generated based on specific types of content in Area descriptions. However, if you have HTML content in a proposal, you may have some formatting issues.  This can be fixed by removing all the text from the poorly formatted section and then re-pasting it in the section.

  • 9433 - When an accepted proposal is moved back to draft status, any options will no longer be selected. 

  • 9432 - When options are selected by the client, this will be reflected on the dealer’s side in real time, while the client is looking at the proposal

Payments *COMING SOON*

  • Lots of work continuing to build the integration and user experience. We estimate beta release in April. Contact our team to be considered for Beta.


  • 9456 - We resolved a query error that occurred on some orders


  • 9458 - Some dealers would occasionally see a “Not Authorized” error pop up, which was related to person location API endpoint. This has been resolved. 

  • 9471 - Required fields will now have a blue-outlined box, rather than a red one.

  • 9423 - When a dealer downgrades to the Lite account, the number of active users will be immediately reduced to 1, with any of the secondary users becoming read-only.

February 26th, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.02.24.2

Quickbooks Online - NOW IN BETA  🎉 🎉

We locked the dev team in a dark basement and fed them only when they checked in code and we have created the world's greatest QuickBooks Online integration!! This release contains the integration but it will only be turned on for a few dealers that have agreed to beta test for us. QBO Integration should be available in wide release in approximately 2 weeks. Here is an operational sneak peek!


  • 9414 - Dealers on the Lite plan can now enter their dealer cost on all products, including products available as Portal Select. 

  • 9407 - For our non US dealers, you will now see the origin (currency code) of the MSRP in your product detail. 


  • 9413 - The price of a Portal Select item on the Add to Order page can no longer be modified. Portal Select prices are fixed, and cannot be modified on a per dealer basis. 

  • 9412 -  Some dealers reported that when filtering to just view drafts, the list was incomplete (and pages were missing). The status filter for Orders (Drafts, Submitted ,etc) now will show the full list and all pages of orders on an account. 

  • 9406 - If a vendor is removed from a multi-vendor Order, the Order status will now update correctly. 


  • 9411 - Searching Custom Items from within a Proposal now searches Brand, Model, and Description. 

  • 9408 - Eliminated the issue causing an error when downloading some PDF or CSV files from Proposals. 

  • 9378 - When deleting an Option from an Area on a proposal, it appeared that you deleted everything in the area and required a refresh. You no longer need to refresh to see the items still in the area. 

  • 9375 - The color of the ‘Add Part’ ‘Add Custom Items’ ‘Add Labor’ buttons on the proposal areas is now a darker grey after we received feedback that it was not obvious that they could be clicked. 

  • 9374 - The static text in the Payment Schedule & Project Terms now indicates that those sections are optional. 

  • 9372 - Some browsers would not allow you un-select Labor and Custom items when adding them to a proposal. You can now select and un-select labor or custom items more consistently while adding to a proposal using Safari and Chrome.

  • 9363 - The company logo can now be seen clearly on the cover page of the Installer PDF of a Proposal. 

  • 9361 - If you choose to use a custom description on a catalog item in a proposal, all future uses of that item on any proposal will default to the most recently used custom item description. If you change the custom item description on a proposal, it will not retroactively adjust your old proposals. To start using the catalog default description again, just simply switch to it in a proposal and then all future uses of that part will use the default rather than the custom.

  • 9357 - The “Review & Submit’ button on Proposals got a makeover! It now has an edit icon with the words “Email & Submit” to make it more consistent with what happens when you click that button.

  • 9381 - The client view of the proposal will now match the PDF version of the Company Phone Number. 

Payments (COMING SOON)


  • 9373 - Improved the experience for dealers who enter a new credit card after a billing failure. 

February 3rd, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.01.29.1


  • 9317 - Design and usability improvements to the catalog results page (colors, font, etc.) 


  • 9328 - Previously, downloading the pdf of a proposal that contained a period in the name would prevent it from opening properly. Proposals will now download and open properly even if the name contains a period.

  • 9327 - When we push the sample proposal (#100) into dealers’ accounts, it will now only create 1 labor and 1 custom item. (it was creating an entry for each time the labor/custom item was referenced on the proposal)

Payments (COMING SOON)

  • 9290 - We built in segmented control for payments & transactions, and built filters for “All”, “Draft”, “Outstanding”, and “Paid” statuses.


  • 9332 - When creating a PO from the add-to-order window, the new order disappeared if the user does not finish adding the item to the new PO that was just created. Web app is resolved, iOS app fix will be resolved in the next app store release. 


  • 9340 - Resolved an issue preventing existing connection to Quickbooks Online from the integrations section. 

  • 9320 - *Coming soon* More work has been done to build out the new QBO integration


  • 9330 - Added clear error message language when a wrong email or password is used to log in.

  • 9281 - After subscribing to a paid plan, the “x number of days left on your trial” message will no longer appear or require a browser refresh.

  • 9319 - Design and usability improvements to the add-to-proposal and add-to-order windows (color, spacing, and labeling).

  • 9318 - Design and usability improvements to the look and text of buttons for proposals, people, and payments.

January 27th, 2020 Release
Web App Version: v2020.01.22.4


  • 9229 - When a dealer’s CC fails and a new credit card is added, the payment will be reattempted immediately rather than the system waiting until the next scheduled processing time (usually up to 8 hours between automatic retries). 

Quickbooks Online Integration *COMING SOON*

  • Beta release estimated mid February. If you'd like to help evaluate the early release please send us a message and we'll get you on the list.

  • 9260 & 9266 - Back-end development of a brand new in-app QuickBooks Online integration. Sneak peek:

Payments *COMING SOON*

  • 9169 - Continued developing backend functionality for the new payment feature.

  • 9309 - Added the ability to show multiple statuses for payments and improved the design of filters. Here’s what it looks like:


  • 9303 - Added the party popper emoji to accepted proposals within the proposal list. Accepted proposals need to be celebrated!

  • 9296 - Resolved an issue related to cloning proposals with nested items that would  occasionally present an error message (“Sequence contains no elements”) when trying to download the client PDF.

  • 9264 - Changed filter name on Proposal List and Labor Item list from “Recent” to “Last Modified”


  • 9283 - Resubmitted POs will now show as resubmitted within the PO history

  • 9306 - Individual supplier order totals will now show up on the order list view, by supplier

January 8, 2020 Release
Web App Version: 2020.01.03.1


  • 9217 - We made the proposal acceptance process a bit clearer, where it is marked as accepted as soon as the client signs and hits submit. They no longer have to go through the comments modal window and click again for it to be accepted.

  • 9210 - We removed the stock status tag on items in proposals. 

  • 9209 - Updated the Option selection text for dealers at the bottom of an area.

  • 9207 - The Arrange Area function got an upgrade, where you don’t have to grab the arrow to move an area up or down. You can now just click and drag anywhere on that area box.

  • 9184 - For Proposals with high discounts, the profit calculation % was incorrect. It will now accurately report the profit no matter how high the discount. 

  • 9136 - There was a rounding issue (1 cent difference) on tax for some Proposals on the web version versus the PDF version of the proposal. They now match. 


  • 9216 - We added the ability for dealers to delete POs in any status, other than Portal Select or Marketplace orders.

  • 9228 - We fixed an issue where attempting to resubmit a previously-submitted PO resulted in an error.

Payments *COMING SOON*

  • 9258 - Created screen designs for when no transactions and no payments are available within the payments section. 

  • 9256 - Created proposal payment details within the payments section.

  • 9254 & 9255 - Created design and list for payouts in the payments section.

  • 9253 & 9230 - Created the screen for transaction details in the payments section.

  • 9165 - We set up the Card Connect configuration and environment.

  • 9154 - Created payment enrollment screens. 

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