February 14, 2020 Release 🖤  
iOS App Version 2.0.1 

Bug Fixes

  • Added support for multiple Proposal Statuses

  • Items will now re-arrange correctly when drag and dropping out of nesting. 

  • Newly created labor items will now populate at the top of Labor List. 

  • Labor items created in the app will now include cost and sell price.

  • When a labor item is added to a proposal, it no longer defaults to 0 quantity. 

  • Adding existing labor items will use the cost/sell price (from the web)

  • Deleting items will remove them immediately from the proposal, without having to refresh or go out and back into the proposal 

  • Deleting multiple items on a proposal will no longer cause the app to close

  • You can once again create a new order on the app

  • You can once again edit the cost on an existing item on a proposal


  • In order to meet Apple's terms of service for our app, we had to remove our built-in chat app from the iOS app. If you need assistance, jump over to the web app in your mobile browser and message in. We hope to resolve this with Apple and add it back to a future release. 

January 23, 2020 Release
iOS App Version 2.0 🎉

New Improvements

  • Added the ability to re-arrange Proposal items

  • Added the ability to nest products on Proposals

  • Updated the icons to match those on the web view

  • Added order totals to the order list view

  • When you create a new proposal it will take you to the proposal rather than leaving you on the proposal list view.

Bug Fixes

  • We improved our user token functionality. User sessions were expiring which caused users to not realize they were disconnected from the server and it caused missing data in catalog, proposal areas, proposals, etc. The user session will not timeout any longer. 

  • Fixed the issue were users were frequently logged out of the app

  • Fixed an issue where cover image on Proposals wouldn’t save

  • Fixed an issue where the About Us text wouldn’t save

  • You can now delete areas, proposals, and proposal items without error.

  • You can now add items to orders without error*

  • You are now able to order parts from a proposal without error

  • Images will no longer flicker like a candle in the wind on the catalog

Known Issues

  • *When you create a new Order (versus choosing an existing order) by adding an item from the catalog, the newly created order will not be visible. We expect this will be resolved within 2 weeks, and will not require a new app update. 

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