We’re shutting down our Portal Select marketplace on Monday June 15th. We’re a little sad because we put a lot of effort into it, but we’re excited to free up resources so we can serve you better.

Portal’s been a lot of things to a lot of different dealers over the years. Before we found solid footing as the industry’s best proposal software, we were the ordering platform that was adopted by some incredible brands. We helped solve a big problem for those brands by providing them with something that’s very difficult to build - a wholesale ecommerce platform for protected industries. Together, we came up with an idea… What if we switched our model from a subscription service for dealers to a marketplace model for suppliers. Instead of dealers paying each month, suppliers would pay us when we sent them orders. Suppliers would get a world class ecommerce platform without having to shell out millions, dealers would get a better buying experience with a free suite of tools to run their business, and we’d still get paid. It would be a win-win-win.

In July of 2017 we launched the marketplace and Portal Select. It was poised to revolutionize the industry. Unfortunately it didn’t take off before we ran out of time (and money). As it turns out, some ideas are just ahead of their time. Would you believe that 28% of all automobiles produced in 1900 were electric!

Back in May of 2019, we switched back to a paid ‘SaaS’ model. That move saved Portal and we achieved profitability just six months later. We kept Portal Select up and running though. It was still generating ‘some’ revenue and our plan was to revisit the efficacy of the marketplace once we were on solid financial ground. Well that time has come and we have decided to shut it down. We need to remove all distractions so we can focus on the best proposal experience for dealers.

Here’s what this means for dealers:

  • On June 15th, 2020, ‘Portal Select’ badges will be removed from products in our catalog.

  • No products will be removed from the catalog.

  • You will still be able to place orders for products which once displayed the Portal Select badge, but with the following changes:
    - Instead of buying from Portal, with a credit card, you will be purchasing directly from the supplier.
    - When you send your first order to a former Portal Select supplier, they will reach out to you to set you up as a direct dealer.

  • Orders to all your existing suppliers (non-Portal Select) will not change.

  • Our rewards program will come to an end as Portal Select products were the last remaining items to earn rewards. Any rewards owed for past purchases will still be paid.

We appreciate all your support. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us on our live chat.

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