You can apply multiple types of discounts within a project. The first option is to apply a fixed dollar amount discount to your proposal. For example, you can apply a lump sum discount of $100. This will subtract $100 from the parts amount in the Profit & Pricing Breakdown section

The next option is to apply a discount percentage to your parts (labor is excluded from this discount). You can apply a discount percentage including up to 2 decimal places. 

Either of these can be applied by selecting the pencil icon on the Parts Discount line item. This places the section into edit mode, where you can choose either the percentage or dollar amount option. Once you have your preferred amounts set, select the check mark icon to save and apply changes. 

NOTE: Setting the discount at 0% or $0 will hide this line item entirely in Client View.

An additional way to offer a discount is by adding a Custom Item to a room and setting the sell price to a negative dollar amount. You can read more about creating and adding Custom Items here

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