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Web App Software Updates (2022)
Web App Software Updates (2022)

Details on all features and bug fixes for every software release.

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December 27th, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.12.20.x


  • PW-13713 - We fixed an issue where on the product page the default supplier's Unit of Measure (UOM) was showing next to the MSRP.


  • PW-10892 - Added Custom Item Dynamic Pricing (% of parts, labor, or total). This is currently only available in Beta to select dealers, and will be tested before fully released.

  • PW-13700 - Began work on adding Description to Labor Items. The field will be available in the next release on the UI.

  • PW-13720 - Updated the notification emails when a customer attempts to view a proposal that is no longer available (has been marked Declined or moved back to Draft)

  • PW-13732 - Updated the date format for Zoho csv download

  • PW-13757 - Update to the custom and labor modals to include two options before saving a previously created item to the library. The item can be updated on the current proposals and/or updated (copied) to all draft proposals. There are also tool tips added to both options to explain what they do.

  • PW-13747 - Optimatzions of some image transformation code in our image service tool (focused on Company logo)

  • PW-13690 - Proposal Decision Email was being sent twice for each proposal.

  • PW-13722 - Fixed an issue where Long Proposal names were cutting off the proposal status from view.


  • PW-13672 - Fixed an issue where the estimated payout in payments was showing an incorrect date

  • PW-13694 - Fixed an issue where customers were getting the We Received Your Payment email twice on ACH transactions.

December 13th, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.12.07.x


  • PW-13551 - New design for Custom Item Window

  • PW-13552 - New design for Labor Item Window

  • PW-13559 - New design Invoice download window

  • PW-13574 - Added Copy Client Link to the Proposal Menu. When clicked it provides a client proposal link to copy, and also allows you to put in a client reference for the link, which makes the link unique and the reference is noted in the Proposal History when the link is viewed/opened. Proposal must be in an “active” status to generate the link (any status except Draft and Declined).

  • PW-13581 - Added a small pop-up window for Zoho Download that will ask for customer ID and warehouse ID for the download.

  • PW-13650 - Adjusted the Proposal History such that the live link on a Proposal submission is only available on the most recent submission.

  • PW-13674 - When a proposal is in declined status and the customer attempts to view it on a previously provided link the proposal history will now say ‘Attempted View’ rather than saying it was viewed.

December 7th, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.12.02.x


  • PW-13634 - Design updates to Proposal and Payments summary pages

  • PW-13616 - Design updates to the Mobile proposal summary page list

  • PW-13615 - Design updates to the headers on Mobile view

  • PW-13633 - Design updates to the Sort by dropdown icon


  • PW-13586 - Improved the New Client search on proposals

  • PW-13610 - Updated the Proposal History section with a new design

  • PW-13687 - Resolved an issue where the PDF was dropping phone number formatting


  • PW-13654 - If a payment request fails to send, an error message will now show on the pop-up window rather than just saying “Request Failed”

November 29th, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.11.25.x

Proposals + People

  • PW-13585 - Updated design of Client Section on Proposal

  • PW-13490 - Updated design for editing the Client info

  • PW-13491 - Updated design for Editing Client Location window

  • PW-13624 - Added an email field in Location Contact


  • PW-13573 - Updated the Payout Screen design, adding more information about the flow of funds.

  • PW-13580 - Updated the Stripe Invoice Line Item Descriptions for payment fees

Quickbooks Online

  • PW-13561 - Instead of generating an error, we now truncate the description on a product if it is too long for QBO to accept.

November 22nd, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.11.16.x


  • PW-13422 - Item descriptions can now be edited as custom descriptions from the product detail page in the Catalog. Additionally, when setting a new Company default description for a product from a Proposal line item, this shows in the catalog as the default description.


  • PW-13550 - Added a new Salesperson field on Proposal. Sales person can now be assigned to a proposal from the proposal, and that sales person will be the one represented on the proposal when the client views it.

  • PW-13492 - Added a new Salesperson filter to the proposal list view.

November 15th, 2022 Release
Web App Version: 2022.11.10.x


  • PW-13495 - General site design updates

  • PW-13535 - We made improvements to the Wave Electronics integration for authorizing dealers.


  • PW-13489 - New Download CSV that works with Zoho (found in the download menu on the proposal)

  • PW-13502 - Short descriptions of products can now be removed.


  • PW-13487 - When a customer selects to pay via ACH, the 'Add Account' option screen presents the Plaid account authentication flow first, and offers the manual entry as a secondary option.

  • PW-13516 - Improved the payout date logic in app and in email notifications

November 8th, 2022 Release
Web App Version: 2022.11.02.x


  • PW-13412 - When copying the Proposal URL link from the Proposal History section, a reference is added to the URL that can be changed/edited. This allows users to see who specifically viewed a proposal.

  • PW-13419 - Changing an MSRP or Sell Price on a proposal now prompts the user asking if you’d like to Update All Proposal Instances for Sell Price & MSRP

  • PW-13420 - Custom Item Short Description is now editable directly on the proposal line item

  • PW-13459 - Design updates to the Proposal pages.

  • PW-13476 - Design updates to the Proposal Viewer

  • PW-13462 - Added revert/undo functionality to the item description for custom & catalog parts. This will revert to the last company default description or the catalog description if no custom description was previously used.

  • PW-13465 - Resolved an issue where Payment Requests were not auto generated upon acceptance for users currently on a trial.

  • PW-13466 - The last modified time stamp is now updated when a customer takes action on a proposal, which is included in the ‘Last Modified by Me’ filter.

  • PW-13484 - Resolved an issue where requests sent automatically on acceptance were providing processing options to the customer when the dealer account was not yet enrolled in payment processing.


  • PW-13454 - When dealer accounts receive the first payment, an email confirms the payment and notes that the first payout (Per Stripe) after signing up for Payment Processing is 7 business days.

  • PW-13477- Added Company Name on the Plaid Bank Account Verification Pop-Up screen for Customers.

  • PW-13499 - Edited the Add your bank screen to remove the mention of microdeposits. This is getting a new design, as well.

  • PW-13441 - Resolved an issue where an error was generated when creating a payment request if there is no timezone in the user profile.

  • PW-13467 - No longer requires a user to click the check box to save the email address when adding a CC email address to a Payment Request.

November 2nd, 2022 Release
Web App Version: 2022.10.27.x


  • PW-13360 - Added functionality to allow dealers to Add images to Parts with missing images.

  • PW-13361 - Added functionality to allow dealers to Edit Primary images on parts for use in Catalog and Proposals.


  • PW-13402 - Updated notification tags in Proposal History section of proposals. Instead of saying “Viewed by Client” or “Viewed by Dealer”, the notification now says “Viewed” and displays the email if the view was by the client.

  • PW-13398 - Resolved an issue where Proposals submitted using the 'Copy Client URL' from proposal history do not present payment requests.

  • PW-13416 - Improved the pop-up window for Editing Item Descriptions in proposals.

  • PW-13392 - If a customer makes a payment on a Payment Request in the accepted proposal workflow, the client will not get an email requesting payment.


  • PW-13393 - Resolved an issue where Credit Card Convenience Fee & Total amounts were not being shown on email notifications sent to the dealer.

  • PW-13417 - Added the Convenience Fee, when applicable, to payment detail page

  • PW-13413- Revised payout dates for dealers to make it more clear. Now on a paid request within the payments list it will show the dealer when payout is expected, and then when the payout is complete.

  • PW-13394 - Updated the notification email when Payments are made.

September 22, 2022 Release
Web App Version: 2022.09.20.x


  • PW-13298 - Updated Catalog breadcrumb design


  • PW-13275- Final improvements to new Payment Schedule feature


  • PW-13272- Updated the Payment Request screen to Show Trial Count for Pro & Lite plans so you can see how many requests you have left before you need to upgrade to Premium for unlimited Payment Requests.

  • PW-13292 - Resolved an issue that did not allow Micro-deposit code to include special characters

  • PW-13284 - Improved the verification amount entry on payment verification. Automatically formats the field into cents, which makes complete sense.


  • PW-13307 - Updated the Header Nav in Person Detail Page


  • PW-13274 - Updated Supplier Order CC email with newer email designs.

  • PW-13273- Updated the supplier order Reminder email with newer email designs.

September 13, 2022 Release
Web App Version: 2022.09.07.x


  • PW-13201 - Updated the settings side nav menu with a new design

  • PW-13133 - Updated the Pricing Page on the marketing site for Payments updates prior to launch.


  • PW-13174 - Catalog Filters will now be applied until cleared


  • PW-13229 - Fixed an issue where items with negative sell prices were not displaying on an invoice PDF.

  • PW-13209 - Fixed an issue where pricing could be combined in nested items that included a recurring item. Combined pricing is no longer available with recurring nested items.

  • PW-13172 - Fixed an issue where some older proposals wouldn’t automatically send a request for payment when accepted.

  • PW-13177- Added ability to clear filters in Proposals and Payments list sections

  • PW-13175 - Updated the side menu on the proposal page as well as the Client View page for easier and faster navigation through a proposal.


  • PW-13237- Updated design on the list view of contacts


  • PW-13228 - Updated design on the list view of Orders

  • PW-13190 - Updated Supplier Order Emails to match newer email designs.


  • PW-13210 - New payout structure is almost complete.This functionality will deposit the entire amount of a payment request to a dealer’s bank account with references to where the payment is from (client, payment ID). Then processing fees associated with the payment request are debited from the account in a separate transaction. This allows dealers to more easily recognize and apply payments, as well as account for fees, in Quickbooks..

  • PW-12983 - Created a Portal Bank Account Deposit Verification Page for SM Code & Micro-deposits for verification of bank accounts.


  • PW-13193 - Fixed an issue where nested items on a proposal were being sent to QuickBooks Online out of order compared to the Portal Proposal. Nested items will come over directly under parent items rather than at the bottom of the list.

August 22, 2022 Release
Web App Version: 2022.08.05.x


  • PW-13069 - When pricing is imported that doesn’t take effect until a future date dealers who have activated managed pricing for that supplier will see a prompt that gives them the option to use the future pricing when building proposals or to keep the current pricing until that new pricing takes effect.

  • PW-13071 - When an item is added to an order, the current supplier will be maintained but the latest cost from the catalog will be added to the order.

  • PW-13073 - Default Supplier update - When you set a new default supplier it will update all line items on draft proposals where that item has the previously set default supplier.


  • PW-13064 - Resolved a Payment Schedule loading issue.


  • PW-13081- Resolved an issue where some Phone numbers would drop from proposals and people records.


  • PW-13100 - Resolved an issue with editing/selecting text on payment instructions.

August 2, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.07.27.x


  • PW-13049 - Updated Portal UX Platform to Angular 14

  • PW-13036 - Added New Permission 'Create/Edit item" for Catalog. This permission will give users the ability to edit sell price and MSRP in product details as well as create and edit labor, custom items, and (in the future) catalog items.

  • PW-13037 - Moved the Sell Price Settings to the catalog section in Settings, right above the supplier list.


  • PW-13063 - Resolved an issue where labor & part totals were being rounded before adding together, which caused a penny discrepancy in tax calculations for some proposals.

July 27, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.07.21.x


  • PW-12980 - Updated the API integration to TaxJar which automatically calculates tax rates based on address.

  • PW-13007 - Added a new permission that will grant the user the ability to manage suppliers (activate manage pricing, set defaults on the catalog etc.). Additionally it allows the user to modify catalog costs for suppliers. Any user who currently has this functionality as part of another permission set will automatically have this permission activated.

  • PW-12943 - Integration with Wave Electronics API. Dealers connected with Wave currently will have a prompt to connect their portal account to their wave account. Once activated, this will return back live costs on the item from Wave’s API.

Payments (Beta)

  • PW-12949 - Added the ability to remove a manually received payment so that the request can go back into draft status which will allow dealers to edit the request as needed.


  • PW-12967 - Resolved an issue where Items that were nested and combined with a parent item were not having their quantity and price flow into QuickBooks.

July 17, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.07.06.x


  • PW-12955 - Added new functionality for managed pricing requests, making it easier to provide price sheets or vendor login in addition to a recent invoice.


  • PW-12889 - When updating a custom item or labor description it will no longer update every instance of that item on proposals.

Payments (Beta)

  • PW-12928 - Updated the domain for payment requests (Client transaction screen) to

  • PW-12927 - Added “Verifying” status for payments which is used for ACH transactions where a customer has chosen micro-deposit bank verification and has not yet completed the verification.

  • PW-12925 - When an ACH payment has entered the “Verifying” status, an email will now be sent to the dealer letting them know that their customer has chosen to manually verify their bank account.

  • PW-12924 & PW-12926 - When an ACH payment customer chooses to verify their account using micro-deposits, an email is now sent from Portal to the customer with the mandate & explanation of the micro deposit process as well as the link to verify their account. They also receive reminders to do so before the payment intent expires.

June 28, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.06.27.2


  • PW-12763 - Updated the design of the UI notification for all PDF downloads on Portal.


  • PW-12826 - Resolved an issue that would show a proposal was “Viewed by Client” (instead of “Viewed by Dealer”) in the Proposal History section when the dealer copied and pasted the link from the submission in Proposal History.

  • PW-12817 - Resolved an issue where the discount tag was missing on the proposal viewer in certain situations.

  • PW-12815 - Resolved an issue where dealers were unable to download invoice PDF with area totals hidden.

  • PW-12773 - Improved the Proposal-to-Order workflow and connection. When deleting an order created from a proposal, it will remove the connection between the proposal and the deleted order so that an order can be createdfrom the proposal later.

  • PW-12853 - Added the ability to set a default for Combine Pricing functionality on nested items on Proposals. This is an account wide setting and will reflect on all nests/proposals created going forward, once set. This can be changed in the Settings page.

  • PW-12845 - When a combined pricing item has a discount the discount will reflect the discount total of all items on the combined pricing line.


  • PW-12868 - Resolved an issue when a payment was declined the payment detail showed an incorrect phone number for support.

  • PW-12789- The Payment history will now reflect when a micro-deposit has been verified and the payment is processing with Stripe.

  • PW-12869 - Added more details to payment history for a declined transaction, including when the transaction is declined to invalid micro-deposit verification.


  • PW-12864 - Updated Orders UX project to Angular 13

June 1, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.05.25.x


  • PW-12734 - Resolved an issue where certain email failure errors were not reporting back that the email failed when sending a proposal.

  • PW-12630 - Added a new feature that allows dealers to Bundle Pricing within nested/related items.

  • PW-12748 - Updated the Client PDF formatting to accommodate the new bundled pricing and payment schedule updates.

  • PW-12736 - Final adjustments to the Proposal Payment Schedule so that dealers can have specific terms laid out that will automatically calculate how much is due at certain times. Soon the payment requests can be automatically generated from this payment schedule.


  • PW-12714 - Added a Manual Verification workflow for ACH for Customers on the payment transaction screen. Customers will be able to enter their bank info manually instead of using Plaid’s secure real-time verification, if they wish to.

  • PW-12711 - Added a history stamp for payment initiated events, so that the dealer will have a history of when a customer submitted an ACH payment.

  • PW-12753 - Resolved an issue with Payment Processing enrollment where when the dealer was not approved right away, there was an error in the settings page.

  • PW-12754 - Resolved (hotfixed) an issue where the convenience fee was being added without being set.

May 17, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.05.12.x


  • PW-12685 - The Financial Summary on PDF version of proposals did not include the Parts Total after a discount. This has been resolved.

  • PW-12643 - Resolved an issue that generated an error in a proposal when a part was dragged & dropped into a newly created empty area.

  • PW-12701- When replacing a part on a proposal, the user now starts automatically in the catalog’s category page of the item being replaced to choose a replacement part.


  • PW-12694 - Resolved a display issue in the payout screen display where it was displaying the dealer's company name rather than the email of the client.

  • PW-12713 - Updated the ACH Transaction tool tip

  • PW-12712 - Changed the name of the payment status from Pending to Processing, to make the workflow more clear with ACH payments.

  • PW-12659 - Client transaction screen will present previously used payment methods for returning customers for easy payments.

  • PW-12624 - There is now a second option for dealers to enter their bank information when enrolling in payments, which allows manually entered bank details versus using the Plaid bank connection. The option does require manual verification, which can take a few days.


  • PW-12695 - We resolved an issue with Customer mapping in proposals for QuickBooks Desktop

May 9, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.05.05.x


  • PW-12628 - Design updates to the Add-Part & Replace Part Catalog Header

  • PW-12571 - We resolved some navigation issues related to the new filters in Proposal/Orders/People.

  • PW-12678 - Added the new Top Navigation for mobile resolution

  • PW-12655 - Design updates to the orange notification bar


  • PW-12121 - Added the ability to save new line spacing in the Client Notes in proposals.

  • PW-12646 - Removed 'Accepted' proposals from the 'In-Progress' list


  • PW-12693 - Created an ACH Pending Email to let dealers know when the ACH transfer has been initiated. We also send a notification once the transfer is complete (Status = Paid).

  • PW-12673 - Added a simple refund workflow. Currently this is hidden as we continue to make improvements.

  • PW-12644 - The resend Payment Request pop-up will now allow adding a convenience fee.

  • PW-12625 - Dealers on the Pro plan will now be billed for payment request usage (per the Pricing Page) effective May 1st.
    PW-12642 - Updated company name and structure fields for Stripe Enrollment. We moved the fields around and added some tooltips to the Legal business name field.

April 27, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.04.21.x

User Permissions

  • PW-12611 - Resolved an issue where a user could not create an order from a proposal if they didn’t have permission to edit/create a proposal.


  • PW-12620 - Resolved an issue where a missing company logo caused an error on Payment Requests.

  • PW-12617 - Resolved an issue that caused an error (“Proposal Area Option id’s must not be empty”) on mobile when trying to replace an item on a proposal.


  • PW-12621- Resolved an issue that would prompt you for an address if there were no addresses in your Orders address book, even if you chose “Pick Up” as the fulfillment method on an order.


  • PW-12600 - Resolved an issue where if a payment request attached to a proposal had already been paid, the payment would still be presented to the client when the proposal is accepted.

  • PW-12598 - Added support for 3Dsecure. If a card requires 3Dsecure it will launch a page for the client to use to finish the payment. Additionally, for security purposes, 3D secure is now set to launch based on certain criteria of a transaction regardless if a card requires it.

  • PW-12599 - Added Default Convenience Fee threshold settings to the settings page. This will allow a dealer to turn conv fee on or off, or set the convenience fee to be charged based on transaction amount.


  • PW-12604 - Portal now uses a different set of item mappings per QBO account (multiple company files). So if a dealer switches their QBO account they will no longer receive an error, as it won’t try to use the mappings from the previous company file.

April 20, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.04.13.x


  • PW-12589 - Payment Methods section in Settings was moved to inside the Subscription Settings section.

  • PW-12583 - Added a new Payment section in the user setting page. This section is where users will manage settings related to the Payments and Payment Processing features.


  • PW-12577 - Resolved an issue that caused the Changes Required Filter to not work properly


  • PW-12576 - Updated the design of Payment History historical data

  • PW-12575 - Updated the Payment Statement descriptor for transactions to just be the Dealer’s Company name.

  • PW-12437- When adding a Convenience Fee to a Payment Request, you can now add either a processing fee (Equal or less than their account rate) OR fully offset the customer’s fees (this setting will do its own calculation). The dealer can also adjust their account default convenience fee settings.

April 13, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.04.06.x


  • PW-12585 - We resolved an issue that was using the incorrect Sort By options for proposals.


  • PW-12572 - We resolved an issue where the payment method of a received payment was not showing up on the Invoice PDF.

  • PW-12551 - We resolved an issue with Payout Dates on the payout section

  • PW-12546 - We resolved an issue where the client’s info was not correctly auto-populating when you created a payment request from the proposal

  • PW-12529 - We resolved an issue where a payment request would not be sent in certain situations.

  • PW-12562 - Receive payment will now show up correctly in the recent activity entry

  • PW-12549 - On the Payment request list, we added how many days past due the request is.

  • PW-12579 - We resolved an enrollment issue where if a dealer started enrollment and abandoned the enrollment, returning to the enrollment would not take them to where they left off.


  • PW-12548 - We resolved an issue where when you set a custom supplier/cost for a proposal it would not transfer that info over to the purchase order.

  • PW-12402 - We resolved an issue that overwrote costs on an order related to items with custom costs.

March 31, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.03.24/31.x


  • PW-12541 - Our “Team” plan is now “Premium”. When we originally launched the Team plan, the only difference between Team and Pro was number of users. However, we’ve been slowly adding additional premium features and benefits to that plan. It’s truly a plan that includes premium features, and is now called “Premium”.

  • PW-12207 - We redesigned the top navigation for each module.


  • PW-12465 - We changed the viewed statuses for both Proposals & Orders so that instead of seeing “Opened” you will see “Viewed” to be more clear.

  • PW-12460 - The Proposal CSV download was rounding labor quantity to the tenths. It now matches the proposal labor quantity.

  • PW-12535 - Labor/Custom Item Screen - We changed the functionality of the ENTER key for the Labor & Custom Items list. Instead of opening that item, ENTER adds that item to the proposal.


  • PW-12486 - Deleted orders no longer show up in the available orders list when adding a part to an order.


  • PW-12536 - When viewing a Contact Record, and then clicking to view a Payment for that Contact, if you delete the Payment you will be taken back to the Contact Record instead of the Payments module summary page.

Quickbooks Online

  • PW-12496 - The integration was syncing Company Records to Contact Records if there was an email match. It will now search Company Records in QB first, before Contact Records.


  • PW-12525 - We added a Tool tip for ACH 'Pending' Status. On the summary list of payments status will now say ‘Initiated’. The tool tip explains this status.

  • PW-12501 - Payment Receive expanded functionality complete. You can now mark a Payment received outside of the integrated payment processing options (check or cash, for instance).

March 22, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.03.18.x


  • PW-12434 - We reviewed image settings and optimized Dealer Company Logo on proposals when creating a Proposal PDF.

  • PW-12474 - We upgraded to the latest version of the text block plugin.

  • PW-12197- We updated the design of the Proposal submission screen


  • PW-12345 - We fixed an issue that sometimes generated an “Address 1 too long” error when adding a client to a proposal.

  • PW-12233 - We added validation to the Create Contact screen so that it was clear the First Name of a Contact is required when creating a Company record.


  • PW-12058- Re-designed the Payments Summary page.
    PW-12471 - The convenience fee is no longer missing in some Payment confirmation emails.

  • PW-12470 - Some Payment confirmation emails were using the wrong Subject line (declined messaged versus payment received successfully). This was resolved.

  • PW-12432 - Fixed an issue where when payments are turned off, if a dealer sent the sample proposal they would still be prompted to pay the sample payment request.

  • PW-12476 - We improved the logic with Payments statuses to be more clear on the status of payments and payouts.

  • PW-12438 - We improved the payment request screen for payment instructions.

  • PW-12379 - Added Receive multiple Payment types functionality

  • PW-12426 - A dealer can now send Payment requests without checking either ACH/CC, which will allow dealers to request payment via other payment methods.

  • PW-12418 - We adjusted the Payment request client email to not use any default logo when there is no company logo on the dealer account.

  • PW-12414 - We updated the Payment detail page. We added in the convenience fee if one was included when a request is paid. We also improved the logging in the history section.

March 8, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.03.02.x


  • PW-12310 - Top of Page Notifications improvements. The notification for the QBO proposal will now have the client name in it. We also updated the display size of the notification.


  • PW-12375 - We added the ability to select an option on dealer view when the option is empty.


  • PW-12400 - Payment confirmation emails (To dealer & client) were missing convenience fee if one was added. This is resolved.


  • PW-12388 - We improved some queries to improve Orders page load speed. Additional improvements are planned.

March 3, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2021.02.24.x


  • PW-12354 - We updated the Replace Item workflow so that when you choose to replace an item and it asks you if you would like to update just that instance or all occurrences of it on the proposal it will also display the QTY of the items to replace rather than just the number of instances that item is on the proposal.


  • PW-12357 - We fixed an issue where the due date on the payment request was loading with the previous day's date instead of the current day.

  • PW-12387 - Filtering by 'Outstanding' in payments was giving an error. The filter now shows the proper statuses without an error.

February 23, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2021.02.16.x


  • PW-12338 - We fixed an issue where if a user didn’t have view/edit cost permissions, items added to orders and proposals did not have supplier or cost info. This info will now flow to the order or proposal even though the user cannot see it.


  • PW-12162 - Client Payment Screen Re-Design

February 16, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2021.02.09.x


  • PW-12227 - Angular 13 update

  • PW-12298 - We fixed an issue where secondary unlock pricing was not showing up correctly in the catalog.

  • PW-12207 - Started updating the top nav design throughout the site, starting with the Order module. The top search field is now contextual, based on the page you’re on. Instead of searching the catalog when you are on the Orders list, the top search field now searches Orders, for instance. Additional improvements are being implemented over the coming weeks.


  • PW-12267 - We fixed an issue where if a recurring custom item had a long description, it was not displaying correctly in the financial section of the proposal. Additionally we corrected an issue where for custom items the Short Description was displaying. Now Custom Items display Brand + Model and only showing short description if Brand + Model are unavailable.


  • PW-12199 - We fixed an issue on order confirmation where the total was incorrect when putting in tax/shipping information.


  • PW-12293 - New Create Payment Request modal. We added fields for payment instructions and improved overall design. We also added the ability to set default settings for convenience fee and defaulted the convenience fee to ‘on’.

  • PW-12269 - We added the new payment instructions from the create payment modal to the client transaction screen so that clients will be able to see those instructions.

  • PW-12264 - We added a sample payment request attached to the sample proposal that will show up in dealers accounts when we enable payments in the future.

  • PW-12256 - We added the ability to save a payment request for later. Previously this functionality was only available from Proposals.

January 18, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2021.01.13.x


  • PW-12193 - Eliminated an ‘Error Exception from stream’ error on some actions inside Portal.


  • PW-12209 - We fixed an issue with where if a brand/supplier was set as a default and a part within that brand did not have that supplier listed, it would not properly set default supplier.


  • PW-12172 - Changed Proposal loading methodology to optimize for speed

  • PW-12205 - The Installer PDF now displays installer description if the area has no items

  • PW-12196 - Adjusted Tax Calculation where it was rounding incorrectly.


  • PW-12198 - Fixed an issue where shipping/tax was showing as TBD on dealer view and PDF after an order was accepted by the supplier.

January 11, 2022 Release
Web App Version: v2022.01.05.X


Our primary focus during this Spring period has been on updating our Payments feature, which is currently still in Beta. Work has been done on simplifying the enrollment process, making improvements to payment requests, implementing Plaid service for easy and fast ACH verification, and additional functionality to be completed prior to releasing Payments widely to all users.


  • PW-12142 - Our developers have been working to improve responsiveness and speed of catalog loading during browsing and searching.


  • PW-12120 - The Smart button for Add Part was re-aligned in the UI.

  • PW-12110 - We fixed an issue where nested items that were collapsed would expand when a user reordered other parts in the same area.

  • PW-12109 - When cloning an area, custom part descriptions would revert back to the catalog description. Please note that if the destination proposal already contains the part somewhere on the proposal with the catalog description, it will still clone using the catalog description (to match the existing proposal the item is being added to).

  • PW-12108 - Installer PDF now include custom part descriptions instead of catalog descriptions as the default.

  • PW-12106 - We made some adjustments to the Client PDF in order to more closely match the Web based Client View of proposals. Blank areas are now excluded from both Client PDF and Web based Client View.

  • PW-12107 - The Client PDF now includes image styling (indents, etc).

  • PW-12095 - When a part doesn’t have a supplier attached to it on a proposal, the proposal csv will now leave the Supplier column field blank, instead of populating with “unauthorized”.

  • PW-12044- The ‘View Order’ snackbar - the quick link to view an order immediately after you’ve created it or added an item to it - was not always appearing when creating new orders from proposals. This has been resolved.

  • PW-12032 - We made some design improvements to the proposal discount section in the financial summary.


  • PW-12140 - Order confirmations from suppliers no longer show an error when an item is confirmed with $0 cost.

  • PW-11982 - A missing submit button required a page refresh once all supplier fields were correctly popular. This is no longer required - the Submit button will activate without a page refresh.

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