To all our loyal dealers,

At the end of March we posted a message on the top of our site letting you know that we would be transitioning over to our new platform on April 15th. We were very excited to announce this news after a year and a half long development project. We demo'd the new site to hundreds of dealers at Cedia back in September and we followed that up with what we thought was a thorough beta test for the last two months. We thought we were ready to launch, but were we wrong. What happened was that we overestimated how much actual (real world) usage was being performed during the beta test.

At the start of our formal beta test, we were bombarded by feedback. Everybody was reporting mostly the same issues, small items and tweaks that we were able to take care of very easily. Then over the following few weeks the feedback started to slow down, so we figured we were ready to launch soon, and we set a date. We were very anxious to get the new site up because it would prevent us from having to maintain two intertwined platforms (this doubles the time it takes us to build/test everything) and it would get you all in a hugely improved environment (new database, new hosting infrastructure, new backend code base, new API, new front end) which would be much more stable and scalable.

Rather than assume you were all ready for the new site, we decided to put up one last message, letting everyone know the date we were going to switch. Holy shit did things go crazy when we put that message up! What happened is that we saw hundreds of dealers, ones who had not actually spent any time trying the new site, flocking and panicking to try and figure out how to do business in the new environment. Many felt intense pressure to conform to a new way of doing things because of the impending cutover date. It was both a blessing and a curse for us. It was great because dealers finally started to use the site to build real proposals and orders, and they sent in amazingly detailed feedback. It was horrible though, because we sent many of you into a panic. We are truly sorry for this. We pride ourselves on our award winning commitment to customer service in the industry. We are former dealers and we know how hard it is to run an integration business, which is why we truly care. We never meant to add more stress to your day, which is why we are NOT going to force you to use the new site until it is completely ready.

We have a detailed list of priorities and we'll be picking them off over the next couple weeks. For example, we'll be adding back the auto-page-update support which will allow you to go back to working in multiple browser tabs (FYI, we were always going to add that in the new site, we just didn't realize it was a requirement for launch). That is just one of the items on the top of the list. At this point it looks like we won't launch until sometime in May. We'll keep you updated. Thanks for all your continued support!

Kirk Chisholm

CEO & Former Dealer

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