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How does Portal Update Data in the Catalog?
How does Portal Update Data in the Catalog?

We use a combination of supplier data feeds, crowdsourcing, and manual data entry to keep our catalog up to date.

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All dealers face the same issue: manually keeping up with product info, pricing, and availability. We want to do this for you, so you don't have to do the work.  

Many suppliers send FTP data feeds directly to Portal on a regular basis. We make it very easy for suppliers to send us updated product data as it changes to help you.

For other suppliers, we function much in the way that someone in your office would if you'd hired them to manage your company's database. You'd need to give them access to your pricing so that they could load that into your proposal and accounting software.

  1. We use software to load product data to your account using technology similar to Google's. That's why we might ask you for your dealer login credentials. 

  2. You can also help by proactively forwarding us price sheets whenever they're updated. We crowdsource those updates, so chances are we already have it from another dealer, but that way you can be sure we have the information as soon as it changes for your price tier.

We have added 'verified' information to each product within the catalog so you can see when the data was last verified.  This information can be viewed on the product details page.

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