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Recommended Internet Browser
Recommended Internet Browser

Recommended Internet Browsers for use with Portal

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At Portal, we understand that our dealers come from different backgrounds and have different preferences. We want to ensure that everyone has a positive experience using Portal, and part of that is choosing the right internet browser.

Google Chrome

We strongly recommend Chrome for both PC and Mac users. It is updated regularly (every 6-8 weeks), loads extremely fast, and is used by our team when testing new features and updates on the site. As such, Chrome will provide you with the best user experience.

Safari & Firefox

Portal also works well, in general, on Safari and Firefox browsers.

Microsoft Edge

While we do not recommend Microsoft Edge in general for use with Portal, we have found that the new version that is based on Chromium works great! So if you are wanting to go with a Microsoft product, be sure to choose the version of Edge that specifically states that it is based on Chromium.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you're wondering about Internet Explorer, the 90's called and they want their VCR back. The last version of Internet Explorer, IE 11, was released in 2013 and was designed for use with Windows 8. While there have been subsequent updates made throughout the years to Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft has essentially replaced it with Microsoft Edge.

You can check out this article for an independent review of some of the major internet browsers.

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