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Web App Software Updates (2021)
Web App Software Updates (2021)

Release notes from 2021 web app software updates

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November 23, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.11.18.x


  • Multi-Currency Support - Dealers will now see their local currency symbol & currency format in Portal everywhere that a price is entered/displayed. This setting is based on country in the company address.

  • PW-11992 - We fixed a billing issue for multiple users on a few user’s accounts


  • PW-12027 - We fixed an issue which was presenting some users with the ‘Please Refresh your browser” when trying to Clone an Area.

  • PW-11967 - In the client PDF we fixed an issue where the Project Terms & Payment Schedule sections were displaying even when empty. If those sections are empty, they will not show in the client view.

  • PW-12003 - We started work on a new Proposal submit flow called the Proposal Checker Flow - which will review cost/profit/tax issues prior to submitting the proposal.

  • PW-11993 - We updated the Proposal Discount interface


  • PW-12046 - We fixed an issue with mobile displays that only one order from the list of orders on an account was visible.

QuickBooks Desktop v3.10.1.0

  • PW-11991 - We fixed an issue where dealers with a non US or Canadian address could not sync proposals, orders or customers in QuickBooks.

  • PW-11965 - We will now send the client’s address to the estimate in the billing section instead of the dealer’s address, and we updated the search on customers so that dealers should not run into an issue when trying to create a customer record that already exists.

November 15, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.11.04.x


  • ADI Integration - This is temporarily set up as a hidden feature while we do final testing with specific dealers

  • PW-11885 - Design updates to the pricing page


  • PW-11943 - We resolved an issue where some proposals were not showing Email Failed status when an email bounced.

October 12, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.10.07.x


  • PW-11675 - New “snackbar” style notification for adding products from the catalog to Proposals or Orders.


  • PW-11674 - Added “Replace an Item” feature to proposals. Available from the 3-dot menu on the product line item, Replace Item prompts user to replace just that instance of the item or all instances of that item on the proposal. It then takes the user to the catalog to select the item they are using as the replacement.

  • PW-11828 - Installer PDF - We fixed an issue where the proposal title would wrap to a new line unnecessarily in some cases.


  • PW-11787 - We fixed a refresh issue on Orders affecting adding a supplier to a part. Adding a supplier to a part does not require a refresh now to see that the supplier is attached to the part.

September 29, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.09.24.x


  • Custom Sell Price and Custom Costs in the catalog now have a tooltip next to the value which tells you the user and timestamp of when that value was updated to custom.

  • Added a tooltip on the Product Detail & Add to Proposal Pop-up that will explain the MSRP v Markup setting

  • Added the profit percentage under the Sell Price if available when using MSRP

  • Added the sell price origin and profit percentage to the Add to Proposal Pop-up

  • Added an orange link under the supplier name on the Add to Proposal Modal so it’s clear it’s clickable and can be edited


  • PW-10698 - Billing for Additional Active Users - Dealers can now add as many users to their accounts as they need. We will count user sessions (activity after a 30 minute period of inactive) and bill $19 for any additional active users not included in the current subscription plan. The sessions will begin counting on October 1st.

  • PW-10693 - New Design on the User Invite Email

  • PW-11801 - Updated New Account Verification Email

  • PW-11673 - Updated the design of the Set Password Screen for invited users.

  • PW-11784 - Updated the design of the Forgot Password Screen for invited users.

  • PW-11785 - Improved the flow of user invite so that when a user clicks on the ‘activate account’ link in the invite email it will take them to login screen (or to portal if they are already logged in) instead of giving an ‘invalid link’ error.

  • PW-10694 - Added a notification (Snackbar) that confirms a user was invited to the account.


  • PW-11813 - Fixed an issue where adding a part to a proposal would add the sell price (MSRP) as a custom price for that item. PW-11799 - About Us section will no longer show up on PDF when empty

Quickbooks (Desktop)

  • PW-11789 - Resolved an issue where Quickbooks Desktop was not allowing new users to log in (v3.8.3)

September 15, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.09.09.x


  • PW-11764 - We gave our user invite email a refresh!

  • PW-11743 - We removed Read-Only users from Portal. All users will now be Full Access, unless Permissions are applied (Team and Unlimited plans).


  • PW-10550 - We made updates and improvements to the item sell price logic. In settings there are now two options for default sell price: MSRP & Markup from Cost. Dealers have the ability to add a custom sell price to any part regardless of the setting. If a custom sell price is entered, it will be used regardless of what the account setting is (MSRP or Markup from Cost). MSRP will automatically load the sell price based on the item MSRP and markup from cost will use the cost on the default supplier to determine the sell price. Dealers who previously had ‘My Sell Price’ setting will now have MSRP and all new accounts will also default to MSRP.

  • PW-11553 - When making a custom or labor item Tax Exempt, you are now prompted to confirm whether this change is this instance of the item or if the library should be updated as well, for future use. Additionally, a checkbox was added to the custom item & labor library Create/Edit view so that you are able to set an item as Tax Exempt when Creating or Editing it.

  • PW-11763 - The sell price & cost boxes within the custom and labor library details view are larger now, so that more digits are visible.

  • PW-11736 - We fixed an issue that would prevent a user from changing a supplier on a proposal line item catalog part if the proposal was in Accepted status

  • PW-11735 - The total on the proposal required a refresh in order to update when an area was deleted. It now updates the Total automatically without requiring a refresh.

  • PW-11731 - We added the ability to scroll through notes using keyboard arrows

  • PW-11709- We fixed an issue that was generating an error when creating a new proposal when cloning an area.


  • PW-11302 - Phase 2 (of 3) of order re-design. Line item design was updated to match the design that is currently in proposals. In the order line item you now have the option to ‘Change Supplier’ for a part. When editing a cost, you can also provide the ability to set the cost as your default custom cost for that item. Additionally, there will be a blue dot next to the supplier name in any section that requires additional information before submitting the order. Phase 3 will be released soon and will include improvements to the bottom section of the order.


  • PW-11744 - ACH billing was updated to be included in the monthly subscription invoice rather than on the first day of each month as a separate invoice/charge.

September 8, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.09.01.x


  • PW-11722 - (Permissions) - When a user didn’t have permission to edit costs (Edit Orders) they were seeing the ability to do it within the proposal pop-up supplier list but would receive and error upon save. We have removed the ability completely, which is consistent with the permission set.


  • PW-11734 - We fixed a refresh issue with Default Supplier in the Catalog. Managed Pricing now shows without requiring a page refresh.

  • PW-11448 - On both catalog and within a proposal, if there is no MSRP for the dealer’s country, a tip is displayed showing the MSRP in USD for reference.


  • PW-11726 - We fixed an issue when adding an address/location to a contact record when the contact had been added previously without an address.

  • PW-11717 - We fixed an issue that was blocking the pasting of images into the Text sections (Area Description, for instance) on Proposals.

  • PW-11387 - We updated the Loom workflow in the toolbar of the Text Sections on Proposals so that if you have a loom link in your clipboard it will paste it automatically for you. You will be prompted and must first allow this action from your browser for it to work properly.

  • PW-11710 - Previously we were hiding the ‘refresh cost’ link on proposals if there was no profit. However, since that functionality also updates MSRP values, ‘refresh cost’ will always be visible on a proposal.

September 1, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.08.25.x


  • PW-11716 - The client PDF will no longer show recurring item note when there are no recurring items on the proposal.

  • PW-11702 - Labor quantity will not longer show when line item pricing is hidden

  • PW-11685 - Discount will now multiply by quantity on the line item on the Client View of the proposal.

  • PW-11661 - Fixed an issue with the ‘move’ function on a nested item. You may now move nested items to other areas and they will properly disassociate from their parent items.

  • PW-11707 - We added an icon that looks like a price tag to indicate Discounted Items on the dealer view of Proposals.

  • PW-11688 - When there is no Parts Discount on a proposal, the Parts Total was shown twice. It will now only show one time when there is no additional Parts Discount.

  • PW-11687 - In the financial summary on the Dealer View there is now a Tooltip explaining the Line item discount feature.

  • PW-11684 - We updated the UI for custom, labor, and catalog line items for no sell price vs. Zero sell price. When there’s no sell price a zero will not show, versus if the sell price is set to zero, it will show as $0.

  • PW-11669 & PW-11667 - Long Area Names on Proposals will now stack onto two lines so as not to disrupt the Optional Items toggle or Area Menu. This is on both the Dealer and Client view of the proposal. On the bottom of the Area Section at the Area Total, the area name is truncated in order to fit the text on a single line.

  • PW-11668 - There is now an orange underline under Area name to indicate that it is editable.

  • PW-11598 - We adjusted some alignment issues on the cover page of the client view


  • PW-11696 - QB Desktop - We fixed an issue with the way tax was written to the tax mapping file. (Current version is v3.8.2.0)

  • PW-11706 - QB Online - On the settings page for QB online we will now display the user email and the company file that is connected to the Portal account.

  • PW-11703 - QB Online - We made the 'Consolidated Identical Line Items' an Option for pushing proposals. This toggle is now on the connection screen for QB online and is toggled off by default.

  • PW-11683 QB Online - Custom Item descriptions are truncated to 1000 characters when sending over to QuickBooks online as it is a limitation of QuickBooks.

August 25, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.08.18.5


  • PW-11619 - When a custom cost is entered on a catalog part, the Product Detail page now has a note to inform you that you’ve overridden managed pricing for that item. The note explains what managed pricing is, and includes the option to remove the custom cost to revert to managed pricing.


  • PW-11483 - When a line item is set to a recurring service from the Custom or Labor line item menu, it will now prompt you to decide if you just that proposal instance to be recurring, or if you’d like to update the item in your library to make it a recurring item.

  • PW-11630 - Long area names will now be truncated in the Area Total Summary on Proposals in order to keep the total on the same line.

  • PW-11643 & 11655 - Proposal viewer and client pdf formatting have been updated to match each other.


  • A Contact can now be set to either a Person or a Company. Both Company and First/Lane Name fields will be visible on the proposal when the Contact record is set to Company. If the Contact record is set to Company, the Company name will be headlined on the Proposal Cover page instead of the Contact Name. You can also now search Proposals by Company Name. When creating a Contact record from the iOS app, it will default to a Person. Company Contact records will appear like a Person record inside the iOS app.

August 17, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.08.12.3


  • PW-11580 - We updated the site to newest version of Angular

  • PW-11529 - Permissions - We adjusted the Permission Set options so “Edit” permissions now say “Create/Edit”. For instance, ‘Edit Order’ was changed to ‘Create/Edit Order’

  • PW-11524 - Permissions - If a user does not have edit/create order permission, they can not choose suppliers for parts in the ‘Items with No Supplier’ section of Orders..

  • PW-11531 - Permissions - View Order Permission can now download the PDF & CSV files from the Order menu. Those versions of the downloaded files will exclude item costs.

  • PW-11530 - Permissions - Setting Company Supplier Defaults are an administrative permission set. A user with the View/Edit order permission can click the ‘I Buy from..” button and the ‘Add Supplier” button for parts, but must have Submit Order permission in order to set a Default Supplier on products.


  • PW-11604 - Fixed an issue where My Sell Price was not updating without refresh on Product Detail page.

  • PW-11621 - You can now add your Sell Price to an item that does not have an MSRP, without first having to add that part to a proposal.

  • PW-11594 - MSRP - We added the ability to add a custom MSRP’s for your Company to parts in the catalog. If you choose to add an MSRP it will change the text to alert you that it’s a custom MSRP, and a tooltip lets you know what the catalog value is. You can remove your customer MSRP to go back to the Catalog MSRP.


  • PW-11544 & PW-11624 - Showcase Discounts - If the MSRP on the proposal is lower than the Sell Price, the proposal now has the ability to show the line item discount to the customer. There is also a discount summary in the Financial Summary section that includes line item discounts as well as the General Parts discount. Please Note: the mobile view of the client version does not display the discounts or the line item total as there is not space to display it. This is a setting you can turn on or off within your client view settings in a proposal.

  • PW-11543 - Added MSRP to the line item of a proposal. Dealers will be able to edit the MSRP to a custom value as well as Add an MSRP if one does not already exist.

  • PW-11613 - MSRP values are now updated when dealer clicks “Refresh cost” link in proposal. This does not update sell price, only the MSRP field, for reference.

  • PW-11629 - ‘Refresh cost’ link is no longer inside the profit analysis summary section. There is also now a tooltip on what happens when you click to refresh the proposal costs (it will refresh MSRP for proposal items as well as refresh costs from the catalog for the supplier attached to the line item on the proposal).

  • PW-11614 - “Refresh cost” now happens automatically when a proposal is moved to Draft status.

  • PW-11585 - We fixed an issue where “Refresh Cost” on proposals was only refreshing cost if the cost was lower.

  • PW-11536 & PW-11547 - The Profit section is now separate from the Financial Summary section in the proposal. The area that was previously used for Profit calcs is now used to show information about discounts and recurring service items.

  • PW-11542 - Qty and Sell Price fields are now in two separate columns. Additionally, you can now set the Sell Price as the Company Default when you edit it on the proposal.

  • PW-11623 - Updated the UI of proposal line items in the dealer view. When you click the sell price now it’ll show an edit box which asks you if you’d like to set the sell price as your company default. Adjusting without checking the box will just make it the sell price for the current line item on that proposal. We also moved the QTY to its own column.

  • PW-11631 - Design improvements to Proposal PDF. For nested items, the description is now under the model number rather than under the image.

  • PW-11548 - The Client PDF now showcases discounts similar to the dealer view. Line items in the PDF are now formatted to match the newer design of the line items in dealer view.

  • PW-11609 - The Email & Submit window does not allow more than 40 emails on the CC line. This is a limit of our email service.

  • PW-11591 - Increased the Active Scroll Area for Proposal Line Item Click-and-Drag

  • PW-11551 - ‘Set as Default” was changed to “Set as Company Default” everywhere.

  • PW-11541 - If you had a Labor Item or Custom item on a proposal that had been deleted in your Labor or Custom item list, clicking “Edit Item” will now take you to the deleted entry (instead of to the list view of custom/labor items).


  • PW-11570 - We fixed an issue where the Add to Order pop-up window was not showing recent order activity in the correct order.

  • PW-11528 - There was a delay when performing any action on an order that would need to refresh the view. This has been improved.

Quickbooks Online

  • PW-11452 - We set up an optional setting to adjust the way items are pushed over from a proposal to an estimate in QBO. Currently we were sending 1 line item per every line item on the proposal. You can now group same models that have the same sell price into one line item and adjust the quantity to reflect the grand total. For example: if you had the exact HDMI cable in multiple areas listed a total of 22 times with 1 QTY with the same sell price instead of sending 22 line items over to QBO for that HDMI cable it will just send one line item with a QTY of 22. This is setting in your QBO settings within Portal.

July 13, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.07.07.6


  • Removed Get Authorized - Portal now allows dealers to enter a supplier for any item in the catalog, add pricing to it, propose it, order, and receive it with no “Unlock” or “Get Authorized” assistance from Portal. You do not need to be Authorized for a supplier in order to enter a price for that item, set a default supplier, or to send an order. Instead, you only need to go through verification for vendor pricing in order to turn on “Managed Pricing” for a supplier. The ‘Authorized Only’ filter in the catalog is now “‘My Suppliers’ Only”, which will filter the catalog for only suppliers the dealer has set up for items in the catalog.

  • PW-11453 - For the LITE plan, dealers will be able to use the catalog to pick and add suppliers and add in their own custom costs - no authorizations required. (The lite plan does not have the option of requesting managed pricing)

  • PW-11423 - We improved our search logic a bit. We added additional model variations to search criteria which should help dealers find items when they search for models and don’t include hyphens or other characters etc. We also added in the manufacturer part number (different than model) as well as adjusted the priority of the search criteria.


  • PW-11498 - We will no longer hard delete images from our system when dealers remove images from their proposal. This was causing issues with cloned proposals and copied text areas as it was using the same image id. We also set up a backup of all images.

  • PW-11478 - Recurring items released for all users.

  • PW-11470 - Added recurring tag to Labor & Custom Item lists so dealers can easily tell which items are marked as such.

  • PW-11456 - We fixed an issue causing an incorrect grand total on proposals with options that are not yet chosen. The grand total will show the total of all VIEWED/ACTIVE options if no option decision has been made on an area.

  • PW-11442 - We fixed an issue that in rare cases made it appear as though you’ve created more than the maximum of 3 options.

  • PW-11392 - We fixed an issue where the new line item menu on products wasn’t showing on the proposal for dealers who did not have access to edit orders (Permissions setting for Team plan or higher).

  • PW-11386 - Selected Items Top Menu Action in proposals got a new look! Rather than being in a drop down menu that wasn’t easy to identify, we added the menu items in a top bar that is blue and easier to see.

  • PW-11365 - Client View Settings got some UI improvements! We also added in the ability to set Company Defaults for Client View Settings. This means that a dealer can use settings per proposal, which does not change the Company Default for Client View Settings on new proposals.

  • PW-10682 - The Invoice PDF for a proposal will now also reflect the client view settings for the specific proposal.

  • PW-11443 - We made some adjustments to the Invoice PDF. When the proposal has options that are not yet chosen, the Invoice PDF displays the option that is viewable on the dealer view. The Invoice PDF will now also label next to the area name the Option that it includes. We also removed recurring items from the invoice. If an area has only recurring items, it is not included in the Invoice PDF.

  • PW-11497 - Previously, we updated the “Last Updated Date” of proposals that contain a custom item when any of the global custom item fields were edited in the custom item library. This has been removed. The proposals will still update to reflect the adjustment however, only the proposal being modified will have its Last Updated Date affected.

  • PW-11493 - We increased the character limit to 512 for the CC & Reply To fields in the Email table in the database so we can accommodate Kyle Steele’s desire to CC everyone he’s ever met on his proposals.

  • PW-11397 - We made the following Proposal CSV adjustments: We changed the column labeled ‘Sell Tax’ to “Sales Tax”. We also adjusted the data in this column so that if tax is charged on the item it will just be blank rather than saying ‘charged’. If the item is tax exempt it will say ‘Tax Exempt.

  • PW-11384 - Added recurring services column to Proposal CSV. If the item is recurring it will say ‘Recurring’ in the column if it is not recurring it will just have an empty cell.

  • PW-11420 - We fixed an issue with ordering of Nested items on the CSV. Items will now show up in order in which you see them rather than listing all parent items first and then listing nested items next. The nested items stay with the parent.

  • PW-11425 - We improved the “Create Purchase Order” pop-up from the proposal menu. Since all items except for labor/custom will go to the order now, we removed any mention of unauthorized items. We also reviewed that the product count is correct.

  • PW-11426 - Coming soon - “Showcase Discount” to show line item discounts on items.


  • PW-11299 - Completed Phase 1 of Order page improvements (Phase 2 is in progress). This cleans up the design to give it a more modern feel and be more cohesive to the proposal module. The Order has a ‘No supplier section’ which will house items that were added to the order that have not yet been assigned to a supplier. We also added a collapse & expand ability to each supplier section within the order for faster navigation through multi-vendor orders.

  • PW-11495 - We fixed an issue where whenever a dealer added a part to an order and the part had managed pricing from a supplier, a custom cost would be created for the item in the catalog, for that account.

  • PW-11496 - When you delete the last item from an order, you will now be redirected to the order list.

  • PW-11401 - We resolved an issue where if a dealer account was missing an Address, the Order CSV download would not work.

  • PW-11444 & PW-11481 - Added ability to edit orders in 'Processing' state (This includes submitted & opened by supplier statuses). Add to order pop-up will now show submitted & opened by supplier status orders.

May 25, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.05.19.7


  • PW-11116 - Updated the Proposal Area menu. A warning is generated when you try to delete an entire area. Option menu items are more obvious now, and “Copy to Proposal” has been updated to “Clone to Proposal”.

  • PW-11334 - Fixed an issue that would create a new proposal if you hit “Back” from a brand new proposal.

  • PW-11258 - Fixed an issue where if you deleted a proposal while it was in Input Required status for a QuickBooks Online Proposal push, the Input Required notification could not be cleared out.

  • PW-11246 - Added a new line item menu to parts, labor, & custom items on the proposal. The menu allows you to take specific actions regarding the line item which will be outlined in the following cases...

  • PW-11166 - New Line Item Menu Option:Copy/Move - Added the ability to duplicate or move an item from one area to another.

  • PW-11248 - New Line Item Menu Option: Order Item - Added the ability (under ‘More Actions’) to Order a single line item on a proposal.

  • PW-11247 - New Line Item Menu Option: Make Tax Exempt - Making an item tax exempt was not intuitive. It is now enabled/disabled from the line item menu rather than from within the edit/note link.

  • PW-11168 - If an item has no cost associated with it in the catalog, and a custom cost is added to the item, the system will now update the cost on that item on any proposal that is in draft status that contains that item.

  • PW-10696 - Added the ability to set a custom or labor item as a recurring charge within a proposal. The recurring items will have their own section in the financial summary to designate that they are ongoing costs. They are excluded from the Area and Proposal Totals. This is currently a hidden feature and can be enabled per account.

  • PW-11282 - Updated the Invoice PDF to include current selected Option if one is not chosen. Invoice PDF also now includes client email address, and a payment & balance due section (if you have Payments enabled). You can also now set the invoice date when generating the invoice.


  • PW-11292 - We fixed an issue that did not allow you to indicate Desired Payment Method on an order.

Quickbooks Desktop

  • PW-11238 - Updated QuickBooks Desktop integration to work with Canadian version of QuickBooks.

April 27, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.04.22.1


  • PW-11239 - We found an issue where deleted or previously merged parts were indexing improperly and showing up in catalog searches. This was resolved.

  • PW-11002 - Updated to newest version of the Stripe API for subscription billing.


  • PW-11210 - We fixed an issue where if you attempted to send an invitation to an email address that was previously used in Portal, the system would log out the user sending the invite. If you invite a deleted user it will now simply create a new user. If you invite a user already associated with another account on Portal, we will inform you that it’s connected to an existing account. If you attempt to invite someone already active on your account, you’ll be alerted that the user exists on your account already. If you attempt to invite an email that’s currently in your pending invite list then it will simply re-send the invitation.


  • PW-11164 - You can now Add & Edit Images for Labor Items!

  • PW-11095 - Our WYSIWYG editor got an update. We are using the default look from the plugin developer, and we added a Loom icon. You can now add Loom videos to proposals! The loom feature is available on Team and Unlimited accounts only. The editor also has some additional new features, such as inserting a table!

  • PW-11230 - We fixed an issue where once a proposal would ask if you collect tax in a state, the question would look like it’s reloading and then disappear.

  • PW-11229 - When cloning a proposal the original proposal's name wasn’t carrying over to the clone. This is resolved.

  • PW-11212 - When reverting a proposal that includes Options, if the options were not yet selected at the moment to which you reverted, those options will be reset. Previously, chosen options would stick through a revert.

  • PW-11211 - We fixed an issue where the tax setting for a cloned proposal would keep the tax value of the client on the original proposal, even if you had your tax default set to Dynamic Tax calc. Cloned proposals tax settings will now default from the account, not the original cloned proposal.

  • PW-11220 - We improved the proposal notification that prompts you to add a client address when you are using the Dynamic tax setting and have added a customer without an address.

  • PW-11165 - We improved the proposal notification that asks you if you collect tax in the state of the client’s address - if you are using the dynamic setting and that state isn’t currently listed as your taxable state. If you select “No”, that you do not have nexus in that state, then the tax rate defaults to be based on your company address, and now gives you a notification of such.

  • PW-11215 - If you chose to hide your labor total on a proposal in the client view settings the tax percentage will not be broken up and displayed for parts & labor. It will just show the single tax line item.


  • PW-11219 - When a dealer deletes a payment request after the payment link has been sent, the link will no longer show as active to the customer if opened.

April 13, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.03.23.7


  • User Permissions functionality, currently in Beta, has been turned on for all Team and Unlimited accounts.


  • PW-11152 Fixed an issue where reverting a proposal to a previous version would change the tax setting to dynamic (based on Client Address)

  • PW-11137 Fixed an issue where revert feature was not functioning from the Proposal History section

  • PW-11151 We fixed an issue that generated an error when adding an address to a new Contact if that contact has already been created but without an address.

  • PW-11049 We updated Tax functionality so that Parts and/or Labor tax can be selected via checkbox, so that you can easily charge tax only on labor, parts, or both on a proposal as well as set in your global settings. You also have the option to charge different rates on Parts versus Labor. This is mostly for use outside of the US.

  • PW-10683 Pick List PDF can now be downloaded on all proposal statuses. If the proposal has Options then the Pick List PDF will include only the Options that are currently selected/visible.


  • PW-11134 QBO - Quickbooks returns an error during an item lookup, when the item name is in the same format as a date, returning that the date is invalid. We built a fix for this QB issue.

  • PW-11126 QBO: We now run a check that the country set in both Portal and QBO match.

  • PW-11129 QB Desktop - We fixed an issue where items were being sorted by their type on the estimate rather than showing up in the order from the proposal. (v3.6.1.0)

iOS App

  • PW-11133 Fixed an issue where you could not preview the proposal in the iOS app

March 30, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.03.23.6


  • PW-11030 We built new functionality to allow US dealers to add their taxable states in their settings to be used on proposals.


  • PW-11107 We fixed an issue that prevented users from setting a default supplier for an entire brand in the catalog.

  • PW-11097 We fixed an issue where if a part was added to a proposal while an Area Description section was open for editing, the user would be warned to save the Area Description from inside the catalog.

  • PW-11108 In the Product Detail we made the “More suppliers’ button more visible so it appears active and clickable.


  • PW-11044 We fixed an issue where a previous discount value would be cached in the discount field when you edit it.

  • PW-10824 We added/improved our Tax Calculation exceptions in proposals. When using the Dynamic Tax calc feature, Portal We now ask if the To utilize the new taxable States within a proposal if a dealer is using the dynamic setting to get tax rate based on Customer address it will warn them that their client isn’t in one of their taxable states and set their tax to 0 until you interact with the flow.


  • PW-11021 Added PDF Order download.

  • PW-10973 We fixed an issue regarding order statuses not updating

  • PW-10948 When an order does not have a ship to address, it will now send a warning that an address is needed when attempting to submit.

Quickbooks Integration

  • PW-10688 - We added the ability to map tax codes in QB Online when you are outside of the US. This will allow non-us dealers to be able to utilize the QBO integration.

  • PW-11129 - We fixed an error “string too long” for QuickBooks Desktop that was being shown when trying to sync some items. We also made sure that when you push an estimate over the items are in the same order as they are on the proposal.

March 9, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.03.03.4


  • User Permissions - Released in Beta! If you’d like to try User Permissions for your account, reach out to Portal in the chat or email us at


  • PW-10998, PW-10986 - Optimized queries, indexes, and endpoints for improved catalog loading speed for both web and iOS app.


  • PW-10949 Quantity fields were displaying with 4 values after the decimal on some pdf downloads.

  • PW-10941 Improved adding products to a Proposal when there are no Areas yet on a new proposal.

  • PW-10976 When a proposal is reverted from Proposal History section, not all data points were being recalled, client notes being one of them. All data is now being reverted.


  • PW-11021 Added PDF Order download.

  • PW-10973 We fixed an issue regarding order statuses not updating

  • PW-10948 When an order does not have a ship to address, it will now send a warning that an address is needed when attempting to submit.

Quickbooks Desktop

  • PW-10972 We fixed an issue where all models were coming over as lowercase and labor items were showing up at the bottom rather than in line where they are in the proposal.

February 16, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.02.10.6


  • User Permissions - Continued work on User Permissions feature.


  • PW-10927 We adjusted the Invoice PDF to use the custom item descriptions when applicable. It was always using the catalog description.

  • PW-10940 We adjusted our tax calc rounding. When labor & parts are both taxed, some rounded tax totals were off by a penny.

  • PW-10667 When you click edit on the part discount in the financial section of the proposal, the cursor will now automatically highlight the value in the part discount box for faster editing.

  • PW-10913 When you manually set a proposal status to "Submitted" with no or low tax, you will be prompted regarding low/no tax the same way you are prompted when submitting via email.


  • PW-10926 We now allow you to create an order, even if you don’t have a Company Address in your users settings page. An error will still be generating when submitting an order if there is no Ship To address.


  • PW-10836 QB Online does not allow negative value estimates to be created. Instead of allowing an error to be generated, we have removed the ability to push these proposals into QB Online. We also added a tool tip for clarification.

  • PW-10928 We fixed an issue with labor item mapping for QB Desktop. A new version ( is available to download from the Integrations section in Settings.

February 9, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.02.04.1


  • PW-10658 When adding a part from within a proposal, you can now click on the product to view the product details before adding it to your proposal.

  • PW-10763 We fixed an issue that would round the sell price differently depending on how you added the part to your proposal. This only occurs when the default sell price is set to "Markup from cost" in setting. It was also causing an issue with Quickbooks integration.


  • PW-10464 You can now Add Items (Part, Labor and Custom) to Multiple Areas (and Options) from within a proposal.

  • PW-10660 Custom costs on an item in the catalog now load in the proposal without requiring a manual refresh on costs on the proposal.

  • PW-10848 When there are two taxes (Canadian Dealers), both taxes will show up on the PDF Invoice now.

  • PW-10846 Invoice PDF's would sometimes truncate the description of a part on a second line rather than keeping it on one line. This was resolved.

  • PW-10851 Sorting Proposals by number will now sort in Descending order by default.

  • PW-10850 Manually changing the proposal status to "Submitted" will now behave more similarly to emailing the proposal. A PDF version will be captured in Proposal History and the proposal can be reverted.

  • PW-10847 When changing proposal tax from Dynamic or Company Location to a fixed percentage on a proposal, and making that the default on your Company account, the new fixed percentage will now be saved correctly and will show on the settings page upon refresh.


  • PW-10762 We fixed an issue where very long labor descriptions would not sync properly to Quickbooks Desktop.

January 26, 2021 Release
Web App Version: v2021.01.20.1


  • User Permissions - We have laid out the groundwork for our user permission feature. User Permissions have been designed for Team & Unlimited plans. It will be ready for Beta within a few weeks. If you’d like to be a beta tester for User Permissions, please let our team know.


  • 10664 - An item menu has been added to parts results in the catalog. This menu list currently has only one function - allowing users to suggest a better category for a part.


  • 10624 - We resolved an issue where the Tax Value on the Invoice PDF varied by one penny.

  • 10602 - We resolved an issue where the Tax Value on the PDF of a Client Proposal varied by one penny.

  • 10606 & 10603 - We made adjustments to the new Invoice PDF. It now includes the Dealer's Company Name, and displays the approved date rather than the current date if the proposal is in Accepted or Completed status. The filename of the downloaded PDF now includes ‘Invoice’ rather than ‘portal picklist’

  • 10771 - We resolved an issue with Sales tax rounding on Dealer View of Proposals.

  • 10752 - We updated icons for the QB Online integration.

  • 10675 - We made improvements to the Proposal CSV download. We added total cost, total sell, total profit per item, and a sell tax column where you can see if a product/labor item is taxed or tax exempt.

  • 10663 - We now allow manually setting a proposal status to “Submitted”

  • 10633 & 10650 - We now support multiple tax rates for Canadian dealers. This can be set as an account-wide default or from within a single proposal. Rates can be applied to Part, Labor, or both, and can be labeled (GST, HST, etc).

  • 10623, 10630 & 10657 - We made improvements to the Dynamic Sales Tax feature and integration with TaxJar. Rather than looking up the rate based off of zip code, we now use the street address to determine the dynamic tax rate. This change is due to jurisdictions in the US that have different tax rates for the same zip code. This dynamic tax rate lookup by address is only available for US dealers in Portal.


  • 10662 - Billing has been setup for ACH transaction fees. On the first of the month dealers will be billed for any ACH transactions that took place during the previous month. This will run automatically through Stripe.

  • 10770 - We resolved an issue that generated an error when viewing some payment details.

  • 10619 - We resolved an issue that did not email the customer the payment request if the request was added to a proposal after the proposal was already submitted.

  • 10604 - We resolved an issue that showed incorrect fee totals on the Payouts page, if a convenience fee was added to a Payment.

  • 10433 - Added skeleton loader graphics to the UI for Payout list

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