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Additional User FAQ's

You can add users to any subscription plan on Portal

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How does the per user billing work?

From the Settings page in Portal on your Admin account, you can invite as many people from your team as you like. You are only billed for those users that are active during each month (beyond what's included in your plan).

How much does each active user cost?

Each active user is $19/mo.

Can I control what a user sees in Portal?

User Permissions allow you to control what a specific user can see and do on Portal. User Permissions are available on the Team and Unlimited Plans. For more information on User Permissions, click here.

Billing Example

You’re subscribed to the Pro plan. In October, two users were active on your account.

In November you’ll be billed $89 at the start of your billing cycle and we’ll add $19 for the additional user in the previous cycle. Your total bill will be $108.

If in November only one user was active, we reduce your bill automatically to $89.

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