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Bank Account Verification

ACH Transaction account verification methods

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Portal offers two ways for your customers to connect to their bank account ACH Payments.


The fastest and most secure connection method is with Plaid, which is built into the Payment workflow. Plaid is a web service that securely connects financial accounts to software applications for payment processing. Plaid is safe, reliable, and designed for customers and businesses who want to make secure financial access totally seamless. Stripe, Venmo, American Express, Capital One, Ally Financial, Wells Fargo and many more use Plaid.

Plaid provides instant bank account verification, and the ACH bank transfer process can begin immediately.


If your clients are unable to connect to their bank account via Plaid, which includes account verification, they can manually enter their routing and account number for the ACH payment. This process comes with a higher level of risk from typos and lack of account verification.

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