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Disabling Pop-Up Blockers for PDF or CSV Downloads
Disabling Pop-Up Blockers for PDF or CSV Downloads

Enable pop-ups to get your PDF or CSV files

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To enable pop-ups on your browser, follow the directions below.


  1. Open the browser.

  2. Click the word Safari in the upper left of your screen to open the drop down options and choose Preferences

  3. Make sure "Block Pop-Up Windows" is unchecked. 

  4. Then click Preferences.

  5. From the menu, choose Security.

  6. Make sure Block pop-up windows is NOT selected. If it is selected, click it to deselect.


  1. Open the browser.

  2. Click the Chrome menu icon on the browser toolbar, then select Settings

  3. Scroll Down and Click Show advanced settings

  4. Click on Content Settings

  5. Find the "Pop-ups" section. 

  6. In the "Allow" Section, add and make sure the behavior listed next to it says Allow. 

  7. Click Done to save your changes (some versions of Chrome automatically save)


  1. Open the browser. 

  2. From the Firefox menu, click Preferences. You could also click the menu icon (top right) and click Preferences.

  3. Click the Content icon located at the top of the window. 

  4. Click the Exceptions button located to the right of Block pop-up windows.

  5. You will see the Allowed Sites - Pop-ups dialog box.

  6. In the address of website field, type and then click Allow.

  7. Click the red button to the top left of the window to close the exceptions window.

  8. Close the Content dialog box. 

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