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Setting up the Quickbooks Desktop Connector
Setting up the Quickbooks Desktop Connector

Instructions for setting up Portal's QB Desktop Connector

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You can use Portal’s QB Connector to push transactions in Portal into Quickbooks Desktop, saving you time and accounting headaches. Portal Proposals import as QuickBooks Estimates, and Portal Purchase Orders import as QuickBooks Purchase Orders.

The Portal QB Connector is only available for Window’s PC’s. QuickBooks does not have an SDK for Mac. QuickBooks versions 2014+ are supported with our Desktop Connector.

Step 1: Install the application

First of all, make sure you remove any previous version of the Portal QB connector from your computer. If you do have a previous version of the Portal QB Connector, you can save your item mappings to be used with this new version. To do this, you must:

  • Go to C:\Users\Public\Documents in Windows Explorer

  • Rename the “PortalQBC” folder to something else, like “PortalQBC - OLD”

  • Uninstall the Portal QB Connector and install the new one (below).

  • Once you install the new connector, and run it for the first time, it will create a new PortalQBC folder in the same Documents folder. You may need to do one Sync first.

  • Once the new folder is created, take the “MappedItems” xml file from the OLD PortalQBC folder (which you renamed), and place a copy into the NEW PortalQBC folder. Once you do that, all of your previous mappings will be used for your next import/sync.

Second, download PortalQBC.exe from your settings page on under “Integrations”.

Third, run PortalQBC.exe from the folder to which you downloaded the file.

Step 2: Connect to your Desktop QuickBooks file

Open QuickBooks and log in. Please note that you must be logged in to QuickBooks as an Admin.

Now launch the Portal QBC application. To open the application, double click on the Portal - QuickBooks Connector icon.

The Connector may connect automatically. If not, the QuickBooks – Application Certificate opens.

C:\Users\MyPC\Desktop\A- 2.png

Next, click the Yes button to Confirm to Proceed.

C:\Users\MyPC\Desktop\A - 3.png

Finally, click the Done button

Step 3: Setup your PortalQBC

With PortalQBC open and connected to QuickBooks, go to Settings in your Portal QB Desktop Connector. Set all of the Default Accounts for new Items that may be created during imports. It's important that all of these have defaults before you import your first Estimate.

You're now all set to start importing Portal Proposals into line item QuickBooks Estimates!

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