March 14, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.03.08.x


  • PW-14047 - Added Item suggestion for categorization pop-up window in the catalog. This is an enabled service.

  • PW-14071 - Updated the Product Detail Menu to include the manufacturer product page and moved the Retailer Search Icons under the Add to proposal button

  • PW-10472 - Began work on moving labor and custom items to the main catalog.


  • PW-13980 - Proposal Expiry is now Plan Based (Pro and higher)

  • PW-14069 - Updated the proposal expiry '# days after submission'. Removed 45 days and added 90 days.

March 8th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.03.02.x


  • PW-14027 - Updated the design for Categorizing parts in the catalog.


  • PW-13856 - Fixed an issue where Labor descriptions on items matched the Labor Name briefly (before a page refresh).

  • PW-14019 - Fixed an issue with Dynamic pricing on Custom and Labor items where the area and proposal total would not update based on chosen Options.

  • PW-14076 - Removed the proposal cover image from the Installer PDF.


  • PW-14023 - Fixed an issue that produced an error when sending the Payment Request when a client was added that did not have an email address.

  • PW-14058 - We fixed an issue where declined Payments still show pending payout dates.

February 28th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.02.23.x


  • PW-13969 - Updated Product Detail page design


  • PW-13951 - Designed a new cover page for Client web view

  • PW-13979 - Designed new cover page for Proposal PDF

  • PW-13947 - Fixed an issue that resulted in items in a nest not being copied from a proposal when the items were nested and being copied using the checkboxes & blue bar method.

  • PW-14021 - Fixed an issue where Editing Labor & Custom Items to be ‘Tax Exempt’ or ‘Recurring’ from the libraries would not update the current proposal

  • PW-14039 - Fixed an issue where Combining Price on dynamic and recurring Items in a nest would cause the proposal to error. Note: You can combine pricing on Dynamic items but not Recurring Items.

February 6th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.02.02.x


  • PW-13882 - Updated Portal UX Platform to Angular 15


  • PW-13880 - Started preparation work for Proposal Expiry

  • PW-13890 - Added the customer name and proposal name back to the Viewed Proposal Alert Email Subject

  • PW-13898 - Added contextual emojis to some notification email subjects

  • PW-13914 - Improvements to the add new client pop up window on Proposals. Removed the text that said “You have no locations.” The blue error will no longer show immediately when loading the pop-up window. Changed the heading on the pop-up to say “New Contact”. Additionally, the primary address radio button is now checked.


  • PW-13897 - Added a snackbar notification so that when you Add a new Contact from the people list you can quickly view the record you just created.


  • PW-13908 - When a payment has been confirmed to be paid out, the Payment Status will now change to “Paid out”.

  • PW-13913 - Resolved an issue in the payout screen where the last entry on the payout page was showing at the top.

January 25th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.01.19.x


  • PW-13733 - Added support for various other phone formats for countries outside US and Canada.


  • PW-13832 - Added Dynamic Pricing functionality for Labor Items

  • PW-13833 - Custom Item Dynamic Cost can now be a dynamic percentage based on Sell Price.


  • PW-13834 - When a customer replies to an email, it now goes to the Portal user that sent the request, rather than the admin on the Company account.

  • PW-13829 - Fixed an issue where emails were not being sent when a payment was declined.

Quickbooks Online

  • PW-13847- Proposals pushed into QBO will now be grouped by area with an Area header, as well as a subtotal line for each area on the QB Estimate.


  • PW-13885 - When adding a new customer from the Proposal, the location/address is now part of a wizard instead of a separate section on the proposal.

January 17th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.01.11.x


  • PW-13729 - Optimized image transformations

  • PW-13828 - Fixed an issue where some users couldn’t Edit Cost on items based on a specific permission set.


  • PW-13781 - Fixed an issue where the side navigation menu would show twice in certain situations in the UI.


  • PW-13698 - Added a Short Description to Labor to match custom items and catalog products formatting.

  • PW-13797 - Fixed an issue where the Sales Person was not assigned correctly when cloning a proposal.


  • PW-13809 - Fixed an error (“Not Authorized”) when assigning a location through the proposal.

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