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Web App Software Updates (2023)
Web App Software Updates (2023)
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December 23, 2023 Release Web App Version: v2023.12.15.x


  • PW-15577, PW-15593, PW-15632 - The header on proposals, orders, payments, and the catalog pages have been cleaned for better readability.


  • PW-15555 - Fixed an issue where nested attachments were updating quantities across all parent items.


  • PW-15565 - Fixed an issue where a QB payment request was showing the day before it was initiated.


  • PW-15574 - Fixed an issue with the Wave API Integration failing for dealers at connection.

December 12, 2023 Release Web App Version: v2023.12.08.4


  • PW-15495 - Added the ability to dismiss messaging from Portal on the ‘Proposal’ and ‘Payments’ pages.

  • PW-15568 - Google Sheets integration has temporarily been disabled due to issues with Google.

  • PW-15511 - Addressed an issue with recurring costs not updating when pushed to QBO.


  • PW-15503 - Made refinements to the new ‘Simple Proposal View’.

  • PW-15458 - Dealers on Lite plans are now able to preview ‘Proposal Viewed’ notifications.

  • PW-15515 - Fixed an issue where the client description was missing on the client version of a proposal.


  • PW-15516 - When adding suppliers, dealers can now bulk select all of their suppliers. After selecting, they can enter supplier unlock details for each without needing to click back in.

November 27, 2023 Release Web App Version: v2023.11.22.x


  • PW-15459 - Dealers can now see how many notifications they have left in a trial plan on Lite.

  • PW-15457 - Updated the proposal integration with QuickBooks, and added a Google Sheets proposal integration.

  • PW-15471 - Renamed 'Activate Managed Pricing' to 'Unlock Your Dealer Pricing'.

  • PW-15420 - Resolved an error some dealers were encountering when trying to activate the Attachments Trial.

  • PW-15455 - Fixed a user permissions issue in regards to viewing supplier and cost information within a proposal when adding an item.


  • PW-15350 - Created a new 'Simple View' for Proposals. This creates a condensed view of a proposal.

  • PW-15308 - Resolved browser refresh issues that some dealers were encountering.


  • PW-15423 - Errors in payment transactions for Square and QuickBooks are now shown to the customer.

  • PW-15436 - Updated wording around QuickBooks payment processing to include both QuickBooks Online and Desktop.

November 14, 2023 Release Web App Version: v2023.11.10.x


  • PW-15351 - Launched 'Simple Proposal View' as an enabled service.

  • PW-15418 - Added a link to the Installer PDF for Zapier.


  • PW-15404 - Removed ‘Country’ from customer search criteria within the ‘Proposals’ section.


  • PW-15385 - Updated convenience fee settings for payment requests.

  • PW-15429 - Added a Stripe payouts tab to user accounts.

  • PW-15417 - Fixed an issue where payment requests were listed in random order.


  • PW-15426 - Resolved an issue with proposals not pushing correctly into QuickBooks Online.

November 8, 2023 Release Web App Version: v2023.11.02.x


  • PW-15348 - Currency used for proposals and payments is now shown within Settings.

  • PW-15349 - Dealers on a trial plan are now able to connect 3rd party payment processors.

  • PW-15356 - Created a new user permission option that can allow users to update payment options and manage the account subscription plan.

  • PW-15383 - Continued progress on the D-Tools SI integration.


  • PW-15358 - Added a menu for viewing proposals within the People module.

October 31, 2023 Release Web App Version: v2023.10.27.x


  • PW-15343 - Fixed an issue that did not allow deleting default attachments on a catalog item.


  • PW-15294 - Fixed an error message shown when subscribing to Portal after trial period has ended.

  • PW-15302 - Resolved an error message when navigating to the Integrations section within the settings page.


  • PW-15320 - Added the ability to mark any proposal as ‘Archived’. This will move the proposal into an Archive section. Proposals can now only be deleted when in ‘Archived’ status.

  • PW-15304 - Resolved an issue related to calculating dynamic cost and sell on an item when Labor or Custom item was the parent of nested items.

  • PW-15305 - Fixed an issue where profit was not calculated properly if an attachment had a dynamic cost


  • PW-15321 - Active proposals and Archived proposals are now grouped separately when viewing the associated proposals within a client record.


  • PW-15315 - Added a new workflow for connecting third party payment platform in Settings.

QuickBooks Online

  • PW-15301 - Fixed an issue that generated an error due to multiple sell prices on the same item within a proposal.

  • PW-15307 - Resolved an issue where a proposal sync would fail if an item was set up for recurring billing in QuickBooks Online.

October 24, 2023 Release Web App Version: v2023.10.18.x


  • PW-1528 - Resolved an issue where dealers could not search brand filters within categories to access the complete set of available brands in that category.


  • PW-15289 - Fixed an issue for Canadian users when trying to save labor tax settings for QuickBooks Online connection.

  • PW-15303 - Fixed an issue that was sometimes generating a “Too Many Requests” error message when syncing items and updating costs on a proposal.

  • PW-15309 - Fixed an issue where “Verifying Items" message screen would hang up when attempting to push a proposal to QBO.

October 17, 2023 Release Web App Version: v2023.10.12.x


  • PW-15258 - Fixed a settings issue where dealers were unable to remove Address Line 1 from an address.


  • PW-15255 - Dealers can now clone Custom and Labor items in the catalog. This action is available in the 3 dot vertical menu within the product detail page of the item.


  • PW-15269 - Fixed an invoice PDF issue where dealers would uncheck 'Show Company Address from Settings' but the address would still appear on the PDF.


  • PW-15285 - Set up default rates when integrating a payment processing system. Dealers are able to edit the rates.

October 12, 2023 Release Web App Version: v2023.10.06.x


  • PW-15178 - Custom and Labor item categories are now shown in the catalog when filters are applied.


  • PW-15181 - Removed proposal limits on all plans.

  • PW-15182 - All plans now include unlimited payment requests and processing.

  • PW-15227 - Added tags and descriptions to the integration partner boxes in settings.

  • PW-15250 - Improvements to the D-Tools SI proposal push integration.

  • PW-15272 - Added a user permission for managing payment processors and payment processor settings.


  • PW-15110 - Completed several phases of upcoming ‘Change Order’ feature.

  • PW-15167- Created an animation for when a proposal is successfully pushed in to Google Sheets.

  • PW-15188 - Added a notification when creating a Google Sheet to show that the process is complete.

  • PW-15221 - Updated formatting for the Google Sheets integration.

  • PW-15163 - Fixed an MSRP update issue with the 'Refresh Current Pricing’ function.

  • PW-15164 - Fixed a loading issue with the 'Add Area' function.

  • PW-15251 - Fixed an issue around recurring items causing wrong totals within 'Financial Summary'.

  • PW-15228 - Dealers will now be able to have QTY values for recurring custom and labor items.

QuickBooks Online

  • PW-15154 - Completed backend work for upcoming changes to the QuickBooks Online integration.


  • PW-15155 - When a dealer changes their payment processor, Portal will now automatically update the payment page to use the new processor.

  • PW-15173 - Started development on Square payments integration.

  • PW-15175 - Dealers now receive an email when a QuickBooks Online payment is processed.

  • PW-15185 - Added settings that allow dealers to enter their third party processing rates, which is used for calculating convenience fees on transactions.

  • PW-15190 - Created an enabled service allowing dealers to connect Stripe accounts to Portal’s Stripe.

  • PW-15241 - Created a payment confirmation email that sends to customers after making a payment.

September 26, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.09.19.x


  • PW-15100 - Updated Portal’s web app to Angular v16.

  • PW-15071 - Added a promo code section to the ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Change Subscription’ pop-up windows.

  • PW-15086 - Enabled Stripe Standard connection. Stripe Standard will allow dealers to create a Stripe account and connect it to Portal for payment processing.

  • PW-15165 - Enabled a new feature for pushing Portal proposals into D-Tools SI.

  • PW-15077 - Fixed an issue that was prompting new Portal users to answer a question about company industry twice.

  • PW-15103 - Updated an email message that is sent to Portal users with an unverified email address.


  • PW-15040 - Progress on Portal’s upcoming Change Orders feature.

  • PW-15052 - Removed the “Set as ‘Draft’ to edit” button from the top of proposals in ‘Accepted’ status.

  • PW-15053 - Updated the color of the 'Create Purchase Order' button to light grey.

  • PW-15099 - Created a new ‘Archive’ proposal status which will be made available for use soon.


  • PW-15089 - Refined the new QuickBooks Online proposal push flow.

  • PW-15098 - Worked on a contact sync function between QuickBooks Online and Portal.

  • PW-15135 - When a dealer pushes a proposal to QBO the first time, they get a pop-up window with the QBO push settings so they can confirm account mappings.

  • PW-15131 - Fixed an issue that was causing proposal pushes into QuickBooks Online to fail due to PDF attachments.

September 5, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.09.01.x


  • PW-15033 - Added proposal count per billing period to the user settings page in the subscription section for admin users. Updated the design of this section and moved around the user count.

  • PW-15035 - Added integration with Google Sheets. Users can connect their individual Google accounts to Portal in the settings page. For the first phase of this integration, dealers can push a proposal directly into Google Sheets. Please request this feature if you’d like to beta test.

  • PW-15039 - Updated the limits to 10 proposals for Lite plan. Additional proposals will be $4 each.


  • PW-15044 - Added a button to ‘Add Labor’ next to 'Add Item' button in all Areas of Proposals.

QuickBooks Online

  • PW-15068 QBO - A copy of the accepted proposal PDF from Portal will now be attached as a file to the newly created estimate in QuickBooks.

  • PW-15075 QBO - Final updates to the new QBO proposal push. This will be in Beta for select dealers.

August 25, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.08.23.x


  • PW-15001 - Added a trigger for Expired & Changes Required proposal statuses in Zapier. Added the ability to utilize the Sales person field within Zapier. Created a new trigger for Update & creating new contacts.


  • PW-14991 - Fixed an issue that was resulting in some accounts being double charged for users as well as displaying active users twice on the settings page.


  • PW-14933 - Fixed an issue where the customer address on a proposal, when there are more than one addresses on the customer record, would revert to the customer's default primary address when editing the customer name.

  • PW-15009 - Fixed an issue where clicking on ‘View Item’ in Catalog on a line item for a custom or labor item required a second click to function properly.

  • PW-15025 - Fixed an issue causing auto-attachments to not come in automatically with a product when added from the "Add Item" button inside a proposal.


  • PW-14995 - Built messaging for dealers currently on Payment Processing to offer transition to QuickBooks Online Payment Processing.

  • PW-14998 - Updated the welcome screen for payments that users will see when clicking on the payment section.

August 23, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.08.16.x


  • PW-14419 - Fixed an issue that generated an "Operation Limit" error message when creating some proposals.

  • PW-14665 - Fixed an issue where the billing total in the settings page for subscription was incorrect.


  • PW-14961 - We now allow users to remove an auto-attached accessory (or labor) on a specific item, when that accessory or labor item is default for the entire category.


  • PW-14970 - Completed the code prep for the upcoming Change Order feature.

  • PW-14993 - Added a tool tip on the cover image window within a proposal explaining the recommended size for an image and how the image will crop.

August 16, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.08.11.x


  • PW-14942 - Added the ability to send a proposal to a Google Sheet.

  • PW-14944 - Fixed an issue that did not allow products to be added to a new area while on the product "Add to Proposal" pop-up window when creating a new Area in that window.

  • PW-14952 - Made updates to the locked for editing functionality on accepted proposals.

QuickBooks Online

  • PW-14792 - Users are presented a QuickBooks reconnect window when the QBO connection expires rather than getting an error when trying to push a proposal.

  • PW-14795 - The new QBO integration for Pushing proposals and items to estimates is now in beta testing.

  • PW-14907 - Completed code prep and architecture for QuickBooks Payment integration.

August 9, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.08.03.x


  • PW-14917 - When selecting "Other" industry for the catalog, user will still see the 'A/V' industry as well.


  • PW-10735 - Proposals in the Accepted & Completed status will now be locked for editing. Attempting to perform most edits will result in a message informing the user that the proposal must be set back to draft in order to make the edit. Activities that do not alter the proposal will still be allowed - downloading of PDFs, etc.

  • PW-14891 - Adjusted some wording on the proposal viewer for area option selecting for mobile. For instance, it will say "Option 1 chosen" now instead of "Option 1 chosen for this area"

  • PW-14920 - Fixed an issue where changing the proposal status from the proposal menu, the screen gets stuck in loading until the page is refreshed.

  • PW-14935 - Fixed an issue where replacing a catalog part with a custom or labor item would replace with a catalog part instead of the custom item or labor.

Quickbooks Online

  • PW-14795 - Continued work on the updates to QBO integration. Will be ready for beta testing in the next 2 weeks.

July 28, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.07.25.x


  • PW-14866 - Fixed an issue where when creating a new labor or custom item from the catalog while inside a proposal, user would end up with a double left nav.


  • PW-14828 - Created a new menu for the proposal list view. Useful functions in the proposal menu can now be accessed from the list view without opening a proposal.

  • PW-14863 - When adding a part to an area with options, the Add to Proposal pop-up page will no longer default to having Option 1 selected. Instead, it will not pre-select any options and flash the unselected options so that the user knows to choose one prior to adding the part.

  • PW-14864 - On the proposal viewer page, the option selector is now at the top of the Area for easier navigation.

  • PW-14804 - Fixed an issue where PDFs from the Proposal History were either not loading when accessed or when finally loading they had corrupt characters in the PDF.

  • PW-14808 - Fixed an issue where the dynamic sell price of a custom or labor item was not calculated correctly if the price was dynamically calculated on the cost, and the cost was also using dynamic pricing calculations.

  • PW-14809 - Fixed the payment section in the Client PDF. It was loading the payment requests as empty boxes.

  • PW-14881 - Fixed a handful of issues with the Invoice PDF. The PDF was loading from cached data. The invoice date selected when creating the Invoice will now display properly. Additionally, all payment requests that were paid will display and it will exclude any payment requests that were removed/unreceived.


  • PW-14829 - Updated the QBO settings page for upcoming QBO integration updates. Dealers can now set parts as default to come in as inventory and map the necessary income/asset/expense accounts for the items as they are created in QBO.

July 19, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.07.12.x


  • PW-14796 - Added a prompt for existing users to choose their default industry if they do not currently have an industry assigned to the account. Added an industry section to the catalog setting within Settings so that users can see and edit their industry set up.

  • PW-14614 - Fixed an issue where adding a labor or custom item to a proposal from within the product detail page did not send the sell price to the proposal.

  • PW-14794 - Fixed an issue where if an item had a zero dollar sell or cost value, the entry box would show as empty when editing.


  • PW-14797 - Updated plans to include a default number of new proposals per month, which takes into effect July 24th once a plan renews. The plan changes are as follows:

    • Pro Plan includes 25 new proposals /mth

    • Premium Plan includes 50 new proposals /mth

    • Additional proposals are billed at $2 /proposal

    • Unlimited Plan includes unlimited proposals

July 12, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.07.07.x


  • PW-14594 - New Feature! When adding parts to a proposal, there is now a right side panel that offers suggested items to add to the proposal. These items come from the user account activity on items that the user has added to proposals alongside this item previously. It will also include industry-wide data to make suggestions. Currently, this in beta and has to be enabled per account.

  • PW-14704 - Users can now see multiple industries in the portal catalog. They will see their primary industry first and then as they scroll they will see any other industries that they have indicated they service.

  • PW-14753 -If a user tries to view a deleted custom or labor item (from a proposal) they will be taken to the item detail page, but with a note indicating that the item has been deleted from their catalog.


  • PW-14783 - Fixed an issue where the proposal acceptance was sending multiple times to certain users.

  • PW-14784 - Fixed an issue where if a salesperson would be copied on the team notification for accepted proposals, they would end up with multiple emails. Now the sales person will just be on the reply-all of these emails, so if a teammate chooses to start a thread, the salesperson will be copied on it.


  • PW-14769 - Reviewed and adjusted estimated payout dates for ACH payments for accuracy and consistency.

July 6, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.06.29.x


  • PW-14519 - Added a new industry assignment flow at sign up. This removes the drop down that's currently in the flow and replaces it with a new screen that is displayed after the sign up is complete before going into the catalog.

  • PW-14713 - Updated public API docs


  • PW-14751 - When creating a custom or labor item it will now take the user into the item detail page for the item just created.

  • PW-14650 - Fixed an issue where creating a custom or labor item without entering a cost at all would assign cost as "$0'. It is not an empty field.

  • PW-14673 - Updated the 'Edit Sell Price' are on the 'Add to Proposal' screen. Now it will load with the option for dynamic pricing.

  • PW-14731 - The add item “+” symbol was missing on the mobile view when trying to add a custom or labor item.


  • PW-14715 - Fixed an issue where some proposals were showing up out of order in the proposal list.

  • PW-14772 - Improved reverting/versioning process


  • PW-14730 - Updated payment descriptions that are on customers bank statements so that they won't potentially include Portal’s phone number, but rather have the dealer's information.

  • PW-14733 - Fixed an issue where in the payout list if a daily debit statement had multiple transactions on it, the total listed on the page was incorrect.

June 27, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.06.22.x


  • PW-14667 - Created 'Client View Mode' on the web app. This will allow users to toggle into Client View Mode, which removes pricing from the catalog, as well as Orders and Payments module. It’s for users to be able to build proposals on walkthroughs with customers without exposing sensitive information in the Portal app.

  • PW-14674 - Worked on more standardization of notification email subjects so that all the information and formatting is consistent.

  • PW-14682 - For Unlimited Plan users, within the Users section in Settings, the site said additional users are $19/mo each. We have removed this from Unlimited Plan users as all of their users are included within their monthly cost.


  • PW-14664 - Improved the editing of images for Custom & Labor items. Rather than loading the create/edit screen, it will load the file browser to select the image.

  • PW-14703 - When searching the catalog, results will be pulled from all industries, not just industries the user is assigned to.


  • PW-14637 - Implemented a new functionality for PDF downloading of large proposals. Whereas some proposals were too large and resulted in a browser time-out, Portal will now notify the user that the file is preparing. Once it's available a snackbar will appear that will allow the user to download the prepared PDF. The user will additionally be emailed with a notification and link to download the proposal.

  • PW-14666 - In all cases when a user is prompted with the question of updating just a single instance or all instances of an item on a proposal the orange highlighted option will always be 'Just this instance'.

  • PW-14714 - Added the ability to download from proposal history the exact PDFs that were generated at that time.

  • PW-14631 - Fixed an issue where replacing a duplicated item would change the order of items in the Area.

  • PW-1466 - Fixed an issue where using a discount percentage would cause the first payment request in a payment schedule to be off by a penny in some scenarios.

  • PW-14686 - Fixed an issue where saving a tax rate with more than 2 digits after a decimal would round to two digits when saving.


  • PW-14697 - Made adjustments to address the issue where occasionally on ACH transactions the estimated payout date is listed as the very next day.

  • PW-14707 - Fixed an issue where the stripe payment ID was not listed in the email that was sent to dealers notifying them that they've been paid.

June 13, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.06.07.x


  • PW-14653 - Custom and labor items from the sample proposal are now created in dealers accounts on sign up, when the sample proposal is copied to the new account.

  • PW-14606 - Fixed an issue with labor search that wasn't allowing users to search properly with multiple characters.

  • PW-14632 - Fixed an issue where parts that had not yet been added to a proposal would not include auto-attachments for the category. If you have category default auto-attachments now, the Add to Proposal pop-up will give you the option to bring the attachments along to the proposal.

  • PW-14633 - Fixed an issue where if you set attachments on an item but then later set default attachments for a category, the item with attachments would not get the defaults that were set up for the category.


  • PW-14552 - Updated the Proposal Viewer project (Client Proposal View) to show payment progress made for the proposal. Customers can now see which payments have been paid and if there's any outstanding payments. If there are due payments they will have a 'Make a Payment' button at the top of the proposal in the header as well as down in the payments section. Additionally the Client PDF will have payment history in the payment section as well.

  • PW-14596 - Updated the dates on proposals in the proposal list view so that proposals modified today, yesterday etc will show 'Modified Today' instead of 'Modified [Date]'

  • PW-14636 - Updated the 'Done' button when adding items to a proposal from within the proposal. Instead of the button saying 'Done' it says "Return to Proposal' now, and the button is also larger.

  • PW-14641 - Updated the proposal history design. Actions next to each history event will have new icons for Download, Copy Link, Revert, and Undo Revert.

June 2, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.05.31.x


  • PW-14545 - Began the implementation of an internal catalog duplicate clean up.

  • PW-14592 - Began work to improve mobile page designs. Also began related improvements of native iOS app

  • PW-14618 - Changed the sender for payment related dealer notifications to say "Portal Payments" so it matches proposals (which say "Portal Proposal") and standardized other notification email subjects for consistency.

  • PW-14600 - Created a notification email for when the auto-attachment feature trial ends.


  • PW-14572 - Removed the thumbs down on images from the catalog for 'untrusted users'. Previously if an untrusted user clicked the thumbs down they would get an error that they didn't have permissions.

  • PW-14591 - Updated Custom & Labor item product detail so that when you click to edit the name/brand/model/description it loads a small update pop-up rather than the old library pop-up.

  • PW-14625 - Fixed an issue where the brand filter list was incorrect on the top most level of the category and was only showing 'Our brands' correctly when drilling into categories.


  • PW-14556 - When a proposal is accepted, payment now shows due on the header of the Proposal Viewer page.

  • PW-14574 - Added download activity in the proposal history. For example if a user downloads the Client PDF, this will log in the history that the PDF was downloaded.

  • PW-14614 - Fixed an issue where if adding a labor or custom item to a proposal from within the product detail page the sell price did not come over to the proposal correctly.

May 31, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.05.26.x


  • PW-14518 - Completed a feature trial setup for auto-attachments where a pro/lite dealer will have the ability to build and add 25 attachments to a proposal and then be promoted to upgrade plans to continue using the feature.

  • PW-14555 - Added the ability to set up different account defaults based on industry.


  • PW-14385 - When creating a new option, user will land on the newly created option now rather than staying on the current option.

  • PW-14548 - Updated the fonts on the proposal headings.

  • PW-14549 - Updated the skeleton loaders on the top of the proposal.

  • PW-14543 - Resolved an issue where when hiding the area total and the labor total in the view settings it would show an additional total in the summary which was actually the part total.

  • PW-14585 - Fixed an issue where adding an item with attachments to a proposal, changing the Quantity would incorrectly adjust the attachment quantities.


  • PW-14561 - Updated the template for the email that is sent when a Customer payment is marked as manually received.

May 24, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.05.19.x


  • PW-14511 - UI adjustments to the Advanced Notification feature in the settings page.

  • PW-14547 - Minor UI updates to the app loading screen.


  • PW-14482 - Small design improvements to linked auto attachments.

  • PW-14488 - Fixed an issue where the 'advanced add' for labor/custom items would not function properly.


  • PW-14138 - Added a new proposal date filter to the proposal list. This will allow users to refine proposal list view by different date type field (Modified, created, accepted, submitted) within custom ranges.

  • PW-14411- Added the sales person name to the proposal list summary cells.

  • PW-14516 - When clicking 'Add Labor" or "Add custom item' from a proposal it will take go to the catalog rather than the older library pop-up screen.

  • PW-14550 - On a proposal the 'Add description' link only shows when hovering over the location of the link.

  • PW-14498 - Added the optional proposal note from a client upon accepting a proposal to the accepted email notification

  • PW-14513 - Updated the prompt that displays when updating cost for Labor & Custom items. The 'update only this instance' will be the default (bold/orange) choice.

  • PW-14533 - Fixed an issue where if a custom item or labor item was marked as tax exempt, the tax exempt status would not flow through to the proposal when added to the proposal as an attachment.

  • PW-14544 - The accepted proposal email that goes to the user was missing the proposal name.

  • PW-14554 - Fixed an issue where the images for attachments on the installer PDF were showing up too large.


  • PW-14536 - When a proposal is pushed over to QBO the Estimate status is now set as accepted rather than pending.

May 17th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.05.11.x


  • PW-14253 - Updated our image clean up utilities. Dealers can thumbs down images in the catalog and then those images will be removed.

  • PW-14422 - Removed Circular references with Attachments. So if Item B has next attachments Item C → Item D → Item E then when Item B is attached to Item A, Item A should have the full chain: Item A → Item B → Item C → Item D → Item E. We do not need to copy all items to Item A accessories, it still should be an hierarchical structure. When we show all these accessories on the Product Details page of Item A, it should be Item B on the top level and then a plain list of all sub items regardless of their parent. The same thing for adding items to proposal. We add the entire chain of accessories, skipping circle references.

  • PW-14452 - Worked on setting up industry catalogs for various industries. Added a field to the sign up flow that asks for industry. This will be used soon to define which catalog categories (and the order) the account sees

  • PW-14454 - When clicking on a product on the suggested item list it will allow you to go to the product page now.

  • PW-14501 - Fixed a bug where if you were on the labor item or custom item product detail page in the catalog and added the item to a proposal, it would add a catalog item to the proposal with the corresponding ID instead of the intended part.


  • PW-14413 - Fixed a few Zapier issues. Some zaps were sending duplicate notifications. Also if a proposal name was changed after the proposal was accepted the PDF/CSV (link) that is sent in zaps will still be accessible.


  • PW-14436 - Updated the list view of custom & labor items on mobile view to be more similar with the catalog part view.

  • PW-14437 - On mobile view we will now automatically put the cursor in the search box when clicking on the search icon.

  • PW-14438 - Fixed an issue where when you opened the main proposal menu within a proposal on mobile it would load the tooltip for copying the client link automatically, blocking the menu.


  • PW-14446 - Fixed an issue where if a parent item is a recurring service and the combined pricing toggle is on, adding the attachment would corrupt the proposal. If the parent item is a recurring service, the pricing will not combine.

  • PW-14471 - Fixed an issue where if you had labor items hidden from a proposal and an area with only labor items in it, the financial summary would exclude the hidden area total. It will still hide the area, but the total will be included in the proposal total.

May 8th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.05.03.x


  • PW-14163 - Completed phase 1 of Advanced Notifications. Dealers on Premium + plans will have the ability to turn on and off emails for various activities across proposals, orders, and payments. This feature also comes with some new notifications that weren't available before such as Submitted Proposal. Users also now have the option to receive email notifications for only their activity or for all users activity. These are per-user features rather than per account. Users on lower accounts will have access to turn on/off the core emails within portal but will not be given the option to turn on all company activity or set up new notifications. This feature will be an enabled service.

  • Additionally many of the existing email templates for order, proposals, and payments have been updated.


  • PW-14408 - Custom and Labor items can now be sorted based on popularity within a company's catalog. The popularity is determined by frequency of use of an item within the last 6 months.


  • PW-14410 - Created a new button within proposals called 'Add Item' this replaces the 'Add Part' and 'Add Labor' buttons that were previously in a proposal. Clicking this button will take you directly to the catalog main page. This is currently an enabled feature so dealers will still have the multiple buttons until the feature has been turned on.

  • PW-14428 - For the two accepted notification emails (Individual Salesperson notification, and company wide notification) added a series of celebratory gifs to the emails. Both versions of the email notifications have their own series of gifs and will rotate down the lists when notifications are sent out.

  • PW-14400 - If a dealer has chosen to hide labor line items on a proposal and has nested non-labor items under a labor parent item, the entire nest will not display on customer facing views of the proposal (proposal viewer, PDF, invoice PDF)

May 3rd, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.04.26.x


  • PW-14382 - Began work on Advanced Notifications. This feature will be plan based and only available on Premium + accounts.


  • PW-14151 - Improved the nesting/dragging of attachments.

  • PW-14158 - Updated the menus for attachments. While similar to the line item menus on a proposal, there are some differences. Added a 3 dot menu that contains some options based on the type of item. Added an option for Replacing Item for catalog items.

  • PW-14358 - Added the ability to drill down to the product detail page when adding items as attachments if a user wants to see more details before attaching the item.

  • PW-14405 - Lower Plans (Lite, Pro) can see the attachments tab on Product Detail Pages with an indication that it is a Premium feature. There will be a button that says "Request a free trial of premium".


  • PW-14161 - Added a new proposal status called 'Expired'. Proposals can be manually marked as Expired, or they can automatically become expired based on the expiry settings set up on the proposal. Expired proposals will show up in the 'In Progress' grouping for proposal lists.

  • PW-14162 - Added the client name to the top of the proposal detail page.


  • PW-14360 - Fixed an issue where an order in submitted/processing status appeared to allow editing the supplier contact info but then it wouldn't save. The order will need to be put back to draft status in order to edit these details.

April 25, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.04.20.x


  • PW-14103 - Auto-Attachments is a plan based feature. Subscribers will need to be on Premium + in order to use auto-attaching items.

  • PW-14256 - Fixed an issue where sometimes dealers would accidentally send search terms to intercom chat rather than the search catalog box.


  • PW-14249 - Created a new filter in the catalog under suppliers that will display the company's used suppliers "Our Suppliers" rather than the full list. The full list is still searchable.

  • PW-14356 - Renamed custom and labor items from "My Labor Items" to "Our Labor Items' in the catalog


  • PW-14251 - Made changes to the proposal line item menus. Duplicate, Replace, Copy/Move, Remove are now independent icons and everything else is contained in the 'More Actions' menu found in the 3 dotted menu on the line item.

April 18, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.04.12.x


  • PW-14297 - Fixed an issue where unlimited plan dealers weren't able to see billing details in the settings page.


  • PW-14175 - Added a sort option for custom and labor items in the catalog. Custom items and labor items can now be filtered and ordered by last modified, last modified by me, etc.

  • PW-14202 - Completed final edits and adjustments for auto-attachments.

  • PW-14245 - Created a 'My Brands' filter when browsing the catalog. This will list brands that the specific account uses.

  • PW-14250 - Updated attachments so that when you change the quantity of the parent item it will also change all the quantities of the attached items keeping the ratio the same.

  • PW-14314 - Fixed some issues with attachments. Attachments will be added as a default option when added to the proposal. Fixed an issue where attachments wouldn't appear on the proposal without a refresh.


  • PW-14288 - When updating the sell price on a labor or custom line items in the proposal, we changed the order of the action buttons that come up when there's more than once instance on the proposal. The "Just this instance" button will now be the active/default/orange button.

  • PW-14322 - When updating the sell price on a catalog line item in the proposal, and the item is present other places on the proposal, the prompt will ask if you'd like to update all # instances of that item on the proposal or just this one instance and the default choice will be to update all instances.

  • PW-14317 - Updated the tooltip for dynamic pricing on the proposal. The tool tip will now say that the sell price is calculated dynamically (and from what).

  • PW-14283 - Fixed an issue where on the Invoice PDF if you hid the Labor total, the subtotal would display as the part total rather than the actual subtotal of the proposal.

April 12, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.04.06.x


  • PW-14134 - Created custom item and labor item detail pages in the main catalog.

  • PW-14147 - Created buttons that launch pop-ups to create Labor & Custom items from within the main catalog.


  • PW-14137 - The Proposal List page will now display the total dollar amount of proposals

  • PW-14160 - Added an icon next to the proposal status within a proposal with a tool tip that will indicate whether a proposal is currently viewable to a customer.

  • PW-14246 - Added a new client view setting that will allow dealers to hide a labor item completely from a proposal.

  • PW-14247- Added the ability to add fractional quantities of parts to proposals and orders.


  • PW-14274 - Removed saved payment methods on the customer payment requests. Customers will need to enter their payment information each time.

April 4, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.03.23.x


  • PW-14136- Completed the first phase of work on Auto-attachments that allows the setting of default attachments amongst categories.


  • PW-14185 - Updated the cover pages for proposal viewer and client pdf to look better when there's minimal data (no cover image or logo, etc)

  • PW-14190 - Updated the parent attachment item so that when you click to Remove/Delete the item from a proposal, it will ask you if you'd like to remove the attachments as well from the proposal.

  • PW-14167 - Fixed an issue where if a description had over 250 characters then the image for a labor or custom item wouldn't save to the library properly.

  • PW-14209 - Fixed an issue where client note for a labor item would update the labor description to the labor name on the proposal and also affected the library entry.


  • PW-13929 - Email notification for Faster Payouts. Set up email notifications for faster ACH payouts. Dealers will now be notified when they are eligible for faster ACH payout, and also when their transaction threshold increases or decreases.

March 30, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.03.23.x


  • PW-14186 - Made updates to the marketing pages. Removed placeholders for videos, resources link, and updated photos to include new staff.


  • PW-14098 - Worked on the backend structure for setting up default attachments

  • PW-14106 - Began building the attachment section on the product detail page. This is where dealers will create their attachments for parts so that when the item is added to a proposal, the attachments will automatically be added as well.

  • PW-14135 - Added a checkbox to the add to proposal pop up that provides the option to add attachments with the part to the proposal if the dealer has set up attachments on the particular part.

  • PW-14171 - Chat app is now hidden on product detail page when Item Suggestions panel is showing

  • PW-14168 - Moved the featured tag to the bottom of the image


  • PW-14152 - Replaced the words Nesting, Nest, Bundle, Include, etc to Attach/Attachments in all relevant places.

  • PW-14169 - Updated the combine price checkbox to toggle switch

  • PW-14183 - Fixed an issue that prevented a user from saving a cost of $0 to a labor or custom item in the corresponding libraries.

  • PW-14184 - Fixed a formatting issue that happened on the warehouse picklist pdf when the proposal name was longer than average

March 22, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.03.16.x


  • PW-14051 - Auto Attachments - Completed the work for the backend structure for the upcoming auto attachment feature. Made progress on the UI, as well.

  • PW-14072 - The labor and custom items now exist in the main catalog in addition to the library that can be accessed from proposals. This will be hidden until it's ready for release.

  • PW-14108 - Updated the design when adding a part to proposal from within the proposal. Quantity can be edited prior to adding to the proposal, and if you need to add to multiple areas you can access the add to proposal pop-up from the 'Advanced Add' button.


  • PW-14121 - Updated the design for the dealer and client view as well as the client PDF.


  • PW-14104 - Updated the link that's accessed on the payment request when a dealer is located in a state where convenience fees may be prohibited. This link now goes to our help article on fees.

March 14, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.03.08.x


  • PW-14047 - Added Item suggestion for categorization pop-up window in the catalog. This is an enabled service.

  • PW-14071 - Updated the Product Detail Menu to include the manufacturer product page and moved the Retailer Search Icons under the Add to proposal button

  • PW-10472 - Began work on moving labor and custom items to the main catalog.


  • PW-13980 - Proposal Expiry is now Plan Based (Pro and higher)

  • PW-14069 - Updated the proposal expiry '# days after submission'. Removed 45 days and added 90 days.

March 8th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.03.02.x


  • PW-14027 - Updated the design for Categorizing parts in the catalog.


  • PW-13856 - Fixed an issue where Labor descriptions on items matched the Labor Name briefly (before a page refresh).

  • PW-14019 - Fixed an issue with Dynamic pricing on Custom and Labor items where the area and proposal total would not update based on chosen Options.

  • PW-14076 - Removed the proposal cover image from the Installer PDF.


  • PW-14023 - Fixed an issue that produced an error when sending the Payment Request when a client was added that did not have an email address.

  • PW-14058 - We fixed an issue where declined Payments still show pending payout dates.

February 28th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.02.23.x


  • PW-13969 - Updated Product Detail page design


  • PW-13951 - Designed a new cover page for Client web view

  • PW-13979 - Designed new cover page for Proposal PDF

  • PW-13947 - Fixed an issue that resulted in items in a nest not being copied from a proposal when the items were nested and being copied using the checkboxes & blue bar method.

  • PW-14021 - Fixed an issue where Editing Labor & Custom Items to be ‘Tax Exempt’ or ‘Recurring’ from the libraries would not update the current proposal

  • PW-14039 - Fixed an issue where Combining Price on dynamic and recurring Items in a nest would cause the proposal to error. Note: You can combine pricing on Dynamic items but not Recurring Items.

February 6th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.02.02.x


  • PW-13882 - Updated Portal UX Platform to Angular 15


  • PW-13880 - Started preparation work for Proposal Expiry

  • PW-13890 - Added the customer name and proposal name back to the Viewed Proposal Alert Email Subject

  • PW-13898 - Added contextual emojis to some notification email subjects

  • PW-13914 - Improvements to the add new client pop up window on Proposals. Removed the text that said “You have no locations.” The blue error will no longer show immediately when loading the pop-up window. Changed the heading on the pop-up to say “New Contact”. Additionally, the primary address radio button is now checked.


  • PW-13897 - Added a snackbar notification so that when you Add a new Contact from the people list you can quickly view the record you just created.


  • PW-13908 - When a payment has been confirmed to be paid out, the Payment Status will now change to “Paid out”.

  • PW-13913 - Resolved an issue in the payout screen where the last entry on the payout page was showing at the top.

January 25th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.01.19.x


  • PW-13733 - Added support for various other phone formats for countries outside US and Canada.


  • PW-13832 - Added Dynamic Pricing functionality for Labor Items

  • PW-13833 - Custom Item Dynamic Cost can now be a dynamic percentage based on Sell Price.


  • PW-13834 - When a customer replies to an email, it now goes to the Portal user that sent the request, rather than the admin on the Company account.

  • PW-13829 - Fixed an issue where emails were not being sent when a payment was declined.

Quickbooks Online

  • PW-13847- Proposals pushed into QBO will now be grouped by area with an Area header, as well as a subtotal line for each area on the QB Estimate.


  • PW-13885 - When adding a new customer from the Proposal, the location/address is now part of a wizard instead of a separate section on the proposal.

January 17th, 2023 Release
Web App Version: v2023.01.11.x


  • PW-13729 - Optimized image transformations

  • PW-13828 - Fixed an issue where some users couldn’t Edit Cost on items based on a specific permission set.


  • PW-13781 - Fixed an issue where the side navigation menu would show twice in certain situations in the UI.


  • PW-13698 - Added a Short Description to Labor to match custom items and catalog products formatting.

  • PW-13797 - Fixed an issue where the Sales Person was not assigned correctly when cloning a proposal.


  • PW-13809 - Fixed an error (“Not Authorized”) when assigning a location through the proposal.

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